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‘Just Right for Me’. Ross knows what Mia wants. #Firmhand #DomesticDiscipline


Mia Adam’s disapproved of her sister’s Domestic Discipline marriage, but when her old flame comes back to town and suggests they give domestic discipline a whirl she changes her mind.  She still regrets the day she had lost her temper and sent Ross Garrison running for the hills.  She’d do anything for a second chance.

Ross Garrison returned to Pennsylvania to attend his aunt’s funeral and hopefully get a second chance with the woman who had stolen his heart so long ago. Mia possessed a temper to rival the devil and had a penchant for jumping to conclusions, but Ross was no longer the young man who avoided drama as much as possible. He had matured during his stint in the Marines and was quite capable of taming his wildcat with a good old-fashioned spanking or two.

Mia’s childhood lacked love and discipline and the uncle she thought would always be there for her had betrayed her in the worst possible way. Could she put aside her trust issues and allow Ross to know what was good for her even though her bottom would more than likely suffer the consequences?


Who would have thought she’d be sitting here considering a Domestic Discipline relationship with the one man who had walked out on her so many years ago. Ross had sounded so sincere, Mia almost believed him. Perhaps she had been wrong. Maybe he didn’t cheat on her with Kelly; she had always been a troublemaker. Mia sighed. She had prayed for a second chance and here it was, sitting in her kitchen. All six foot four of him, wrapped nicely in a pair of faded jeans and black cotton T.

Despite her protests concerning her sister’s marriage, Mia’s insides were all quivering. How would it feel to be turned over Ross’s lap and spanked? Would he spank her over her clothes or demand she take off her pants and panties? Flustered at the direction her thoughts were going, she got up from her chair and wandered over to the sink. She swallowed hard. “Is spanking included as punishment?” She heard the scrap of a chair and soon felt his presence directly behind her, scorching her backside.

“So, you’re familiar with Domestic Discipline and what that entails?” His breath stirred the hairs at the back of her neck and she shivered. His big hands slid up her arms to cup her shoulders and squeeze as he occupied his mouth by dropping light kisses just below her earlobe. Her breasts ached and her nipples tightened. Ross had always been an attentive lover, taking his time as he played with her body. Mia relaxed her stance and allowed herself to rest against his hard body. Ross slid a hand down to her navel and splayed his fingers wide anchoring her close so she could feel his hardness prodding her ass. She tilted her head to the side in order to give him more access to the sensitive area adjoining her neck and shoulder. Ross immediately set his mouth upon her and covered her skin with kisses.

“You didn’t answer my question, sweetheart.” He nibbled his way back up to her earlobe, suckled the flange of flesh and then stuck his tongue in her ear. “What do you know about Domestic Discipline?”

His raspy voice was like an aphrodisiac and Mia’s knees nearly buckled. “Not much, just what I read about it and from Becky.” Only the strength of his iron clasp pressing into her belly kept her in place, otherwise she would have been on the floor in a puddle at his feet. The other hand traveled to her breast. He thumbed one nipple, then the other.

“Hmm, if you agree to this type of relationship, spanking will most definitely be involved.”

His touch, his voice made it impossible for Mia to think. She broke away from his hold and moved over to the kitchen table. Ross was here, suggesting they give their relationship another try, but what about Connie? “How does Connie fit in all this?”

He heaved a sigh. “Connie left for California yesterday. There hasn’t been a woman as special as you in my life.”

Even though Mia felt better, thinking about him and Connie as fuck buddies didn’t sit too well with her either, but she hadn’t expected him to live like a monk. She had dated throughout the years, but there wasn’t a man who made her pulse leap as Ross had done.


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Spanking New Western from Blushing Books.

I’m sharing an excerpt from my new #Historical #Western #Romance from Blushing Books 🙂


Nathan Holt has a reputation in Swiftwater, and not one he was proud of. If he had half a brain, he’d stay far away from there. But there was a certain blue-eyed blonde holding his heart, not to mention a half-sister that he barely knew. He had left Swiftwater to protect them from his father. That reason no longer existed.

Bonnie Blakely had been taught to be a proper lady, but inside she felt anything but proper. She longed for a man – a strong, capable man – to put her across his knee. A brief encounter with Nathan Holt had held promise, but he left Swiftwater, Kansas years ago. He had promised he’d return, but as time passed without a word, Bonnie feared her dreams of his firm hand and unconditional love would never be fulfilled.


“You are a naughty girl.” His low drawl made her toes curl. “Your pa didn’t do you anyfavors by not paddling your ass when you were a little girl.” He unbuckled his belt, but left it
hanging as he moved to the wall where there were various farm implements.
Bonnie’s heart jolted with excitement. She licked her lips, her gaze tracking his every
move. “I told you Papa spoiled me.” Dampness gathered between her legs and trickled down her
inner thighs. She could smell her own arousal.

“That day you came to the jail, I swore I’d never seen a more beautiful woman in my
life.” He took a riding crop off the wall, examined it, then put it back. He moved further along
and reached for a coiled rope. “Then, when you opened your mouth and spewed such
vindictiveness toward a woman you claimed took your man, it sickened me to think such a
beauty could be so ugly. A man can’t be took if he doesn’t want to be.”

His words were harsh and unyielding. Bonnie briefly squeezed her eyes shut against the
enormous ache in her heart. When she opened them again and looked at him, his expression was unreadable. She swallowed, nearly choking on her own saliva. Shivers of uncertainty as to why he really invited her here crept along her arms and legs. He must think her vile and rightly so.
She never should have come here. Was it only his intent to humiliate her? Had her feelings
toward him been one-sided all along? God, she hoped not. Her shoulders sagged under his stern
scrutiny. She’d take what was coming; she deserved to be punished. She lowered her head, not
wanting to witness his fathomless stare any longer, but his finger under her chin wouldn’t allow
her the advantage.

“But, when I told you how a man could truly hurt a woman, break her until
there’s nothing left, you pleaded with me to forget your vendetta. You showed compassion and
that meant something to me.” A gentle brush of his thumb wiped away her tears.

“I, I was wrong, so wrong to come to you with such a horrid idea.” She shuddered.
“Charlotte believes things happen for a reason. If I had been the one in her shoes, I wouldn’t
have been so forgiving.”

Nathan squatted in front of her, his breath mingling with hers. “In my dreams you came
to me naked, your long blonde hair covering your breasts. I’d turn you over my knee and spank
you until your ass turned red, then I carried you to my bed. I’d get down on my knees and latch
my mouth onto your sweet pussy.” He paused. “Do my words offend you?”

Bonnie’s heartbeat ramped loudly in her ears. What he implied had to be scandalous and
downright filthy, an act no proper lady would ever allow a man to do, but she’d welcome
Nathan’s tongue anywhere on or in her body, especially that part now heavy and throbbing and
pounding with every beat of her heart. “Oh, God, Nathan, no. Those words don’t offend me at all.”

His hand fisted in her hair and he yanked, leaving her feeling open and vulnerable.
“Would they excite you if another man said the same words? Would they arouse you like you are
right now?”

“God, no,” she whispered fiercely. “I want only your hands and mouth upon me.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not. I swear.”

His nostrils flared. Bonnie swore her woman’s scent filled the barn. “Now is not the time
to think about the pleasures your ripe body surely holds. You’ve pushed me too far with your
talk about finding another man to tame you. I’m the only man for you. I’m the only man who
will punish you and by the time I’m finished, you’ll have an excruciating ride home. It’s time for
a reckoning sorely needed on your part.” He released his hold on her hair and stood up. Bonnie
licked her lips in anticipation. He stepped away and she swayed forward as if pulled by an
invisible thread connecting them together.

The rasp of leather being pulled singed her ears and she winced. He picked up the coiled
rope at his feet. “What’s the rope for?” She asked.

“Where did you hear that word, young lady?”

#Adult content #18+

#Historical #Western ‘To Have and To Scold’ A time when women were expected to always act like a lady and not swear or speak of things of a delicate nature, but Annie surprises her new husband with a very innocent question 😉

“Matt, are you one of those men who like to lick a woman’s pussy?”

Matt bolted from the bed so fast Annie’s head slipped from his chest and bounced off the

She groaned. “Did I say something wrong?”

With his hands on his hips and his manly part pointing south, all flaccid and lifeless, Matt
demanded, “Where did you hear that word, young lady?”

Annie sat up, hugging the blanket to her chest. “I did work in a saloon even if it only was
for one night and part of a day. I heard things.” She rolled her eyes. “What’s the big deal? We’re
married. I can say words like that to you, can’t I?”

Matt stared at her as if he wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the right words.
Finally, he threw his hands up in the air and climbed back into bed. He curled an arm around her shoulders and tugged her against him. “You can say whatever you want to me because it sounds sexy as hell coming from your mouth, but for the love of Pete don’t mention that word around Aunt Rose or Pa. They’d have a conniption.” He blew out a breath. Annie’s entire body was shaking. “What are you laughing at?”

“You should have seen the expression on your face when I said that word.” She rolled
onto her back and laughed, tears falling down her cheeks. “You were standing there all bare and
your-um- thing was-um, well it didn’t look as big and impressive as it had before.”

Matt twisted his head in her direction and arched a brow. “Is that right?”

Annie gets spanked outdoors!

Matt and Annie take a trip into town. Annie decides to do a little shopping and promises not to get into a fight with her arch enemy, Mary Beth, but the woman pushes Annie too far with her snippy comments. Matt comes back to find his wife and Mary Beth rolling around on the floor.


Annie remained silent and sullen on the ride home. Each time she glanced in Matt’s direction she swore his jaw would set tighter and his left eye would twitch faster.

“How could you act like such a brat, Annie Caine?”

“She started it.”

“That’s no excuse. You could have walked away.”

“I tried. She wouldn’t let me.”
Matt stared straight ahead. “Where were you when she threw the candy at you?”
She frowned. “At the door, why?”
“So, you’re telling me that after she hit you, she pulled you all the way back to the counter and fought with you. That’s where both of you were when I came in.”
Annie huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. “I know exactly where you’re going with this, Matt.”
“Good, then you admit you had the chance to walk away, but you chose to fight instead.”
Annie threw her hands up in the air. “Yes, I chose to fight. Dammit, Matt! First she shoved me and I walked away, but when she called me a ‘soiled dove, I had to do something.”
Matt veered from the worn path and steered the buckboard toward the thicket of trees in
the distance.
“Matthew Caine, what do you think you’re doing? Why are we stopping here?”
Without a word, Matt locked the hand brake and yanked her across his lap. “What sort of
husband would I be if I didn’t correct my wife?”
“Right here, right now?” Annie shouted as he tossed up her skirts.
“Would you rather I wait until we get home where everyone within a mile can hear you
screaming your head off?” He laid two firm whacks to her backside. Annie bit her lip to stop
from crying out. “Blast, you can’t be feeling a thing with all this padding, can you?”
She’d be an idiot if she answered that question honestly. Matt tugged down her drawers
and was peppering her bare bottom with hard smacks. Her eyes widened in shock. She kicked
and shrieked.

“Matt, you stop this instant,” she cried. What if someone happened to pass by and
saw her naked? He showed no sign of stopping and she reached behind to grab her dress, but he
caught both her wrists and pinned them to the small of her back.
“The only way you’ll feel this spanking is on the bare. You’ve got too many clothes on.”
“You’re the one who wants me to dress like a lady,” she informed him snidely, even as
more spanks fell. She wailed at the burn spreading across her cheeks. “You son of a bitch.” She
threw more momentum into her fight.

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Saturday Spankings


Welcome to another Saturday Spanks Blog Hop. This week my snippet is from, ‘Just Right for Me’.

Nasty temper and jumping to the wrong conclusions was the worse of Mia’s faults and she knew it. She blamed herself for her break up with Ross Garrison years ago. Now he was back in town and she’d do anything to have him back in her life again. When Ross suggests they give Domestic Discipline a shot she readily agrees.  As they’re going over the rules she’s gets a little flustered when Ross reveals how he intended to punish her.

“I’m not so sure I like this spanking business. It sounds rather old-fashioned and a bit barbaric to me.” Despite her remark a flare of arousal burned low in her belly. A gorgeous man stood in her kitchen with broad shoulders, six pack abs, and a mouth that could easily tempt a saint. Ross Garrison was pure sex on a stick and he wanted her.

“Spanking may seem barbaric, but it’s effective. Believe me it does help rid any guilt one might be carrying around in their mind. My dad never spared the rod and neither did my aunt.”

Sounds like Ross knows what he’s talking about 😉 For more snippets, click here. Have a wonderful weekend ❤


We have a matter to address…


Saturday Spankings


Welcome to another Saturday Spanks. My eight sentences are from my new release, ‘To Have and To Scold,‘ which is also a part of a box set from Blushing Books, ‘The Sons of Johnny Hastings.’ Five awesome stories of hot alpha cowboys who know how to handle their sassy ladies. Spanky all the way. Woohoo! Be a peach and check out the other authors participating in this weeks blog hop in the list right below this post. Have a great weekend 🙂

Matt, Abel, Jackson, Clinton and Sam have more in common than that dimple in their chin or the fact that they believe in spanking their ladies naughty bottoms; they also have a a darn good memory of past transgressions.

 “We have a matter to address, wife and I’d like to get it over with so I can make love to you properly.”

Annie’s heart filled with dread as he went to the door to check the lock. His legs were
long and it had taken him only a few steps before he was standing in front of her once again. She
lowered her head as he clasped her by the wrists and pulled her to her feet. He placed his hands
upon her shoulders. “Let me help you take off that dress.”
He spun her around and began the task of undoing the row of buttons. Annie did her best
to remain still as those big hands brushed across her fevered skin, igniting a fire deep within her
belly and settling between her legs.

Hm, is Matt baring Annie’s bottom for a spanking?