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Saturday Spankings


Welcome to another SATURDAY SPANKS BLOG HOP!! My eight sentences are from my first book, ‘A Heart’s Endeavor’. My characters are in their 40’s. Some may think that romance comes to an end after 40 but not me:) My hero, state trooper Jack Horan also believes that a woman is never too old to be spanked. My heroine, Melanie Manning is hell bent on running herself down because she feels she’s too old to be attractive or sexy anymore. Plus, she’s not a size 0. Jack intends to set her straight on a few things.

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Suddenly, she was lying across his knees. He smacked her ass. “I don’t want to hear you insult yourself again, is that understood?”

Mel struggled to get away, but he was too strong.
He smacked her ass again. “Is.” Smack. “That.” Smack. “Understood?” Smack, smack.
“You’re actually spanking me?”
“Damn straight.”
He whacked her ass again then gave each cheek a gentle squeeze.


Mel: “I can think of a few times when I’d love to be able to yank on your hair and keep you right where I want you.”
Jack:  “Your ankles locked around my head keeps me right where I want to be.”