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A Heart’s Endeavor #takechargecop #feistylady

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#18+ #explicit content.

There are times when it’s best to allow your heart to overrule your head.

Being diagnosed with depression not only messed up Melanie Manning’s life, but her marriage as well. Her husband made it very clear that he considered her “damaged goods” and he didn’t have time to coddle a mentally ill wife. After his sudden death, Melanie knew she was destined to be alone. Loneliness sounded a hell of a lot better than exposing her illness to another man. Her self-esteem couldn’t survive another blow.

When state trooper Jack Horan meets Melanie, the attraction is immediate. Her deep blue eyes make him weak in the knees, but those eyes also hold a hint of sadness. Jack is determined to wipe away her pain, but how can he do that when Melanie refuses to let him get close to her?

Can Melanie learn to face her fears and trust her heart in the hands of another man?

Content Warning: some strong language, spanking, and sex play with a piece of fruit wielded by a hot guy in uniform. Hehe.


Cool air assaulted her breasts. Jack suckled each nipple in turn. He tugged her dress further so it lay bunched at her waist. His licked her belly, then moved downward and delved into her naval. Soon, he was licking her pussy through her wet panties. The silken material triggered a friction so hot and intense that Mel bucked against his mouth.

She heard a loud ripping sound and gasped when his mouth covered her bare pussy. Dear Lord, the man had ripped her panties from her body. This dominant side of Jack had her panting for more of his rough handling. He dropped kisses along her inner thighs, growled, and covered the flesh between her legs with his mouth. Mel screamed and dug her fingernails into his shoulders. She rocked her pussy and shamelessly rode his face as wave upon wave of an incredible orgasm overtook her. She swore her toes curled.

Jack moved back up her body and rested his forehead against hers. She kissed him frantically and tasted herself on his lips. Mel reached between their bodies and stroked his cock. She licked her lips.

“Baby, you’re looking to have a cock shoved down your throat.”

Mel gently pushed at his chest and dropped to the floor on both knees. “I want you deep in my throat while I suck you off.” Her hands shook slightly as she slowly unbuckled his leather belt. She carefully rasped his zipper down inch by agonizing inch.

Mel’s mouth went dry at the erection tenting his white boxers. The man had to be sporting at least nine inches. Moisture trailed down the inside of her thighs. She was so ready for this. For him.

#NewRelease #Bethany Leigh #Spankingromance

AtDeadOfNightI’m pleased to share Bethany Leigh’s new release from Blushing Books. ‘In the Dead of Night’ Welcome, Bethany and congratulations 🙂

Red herrings meet red bottoms in this tale of detecting, discipline and life decisions.


After eight years of working as a PI, Lucy Ogilvy finally has a murder mystery to investigate. Who did kill Marilyn Carter, a convicted murderer who is now a prominent Christian evangelist?

Lucy’s investigations bring her back in contact with her ex-boyfriend Noel. They’d like to get back together – but he insists on a domestic discipline relationship, and forbids her to take unnecessary risks for work.

Can Lucy accept Noel’s discipline? And how do you investigate a murder without taking a few risks, anyway?

Purchase Links

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/At-Dead-Night-Bethany-Leigh-ebook/dp/B01AB4PBQW/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1452210811&sr=8-8&keywords=at+dead+of+night

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/At-Dead-Night-Bethany-Leigh-ebook/dp/B01AB4PBQW/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1452210888&sr=8-4&keywords=bethany+leigh

Blushing Books: http://www.blushingbooks.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=3664

The first time Noel had slapped Lucy, she’d enjoyed it.

It had been a stinging slap on her thigh, delivered after she’d turned the cold tap on him when they were sharing a candlelit bath. She’d clambered out, but he’d remained in the bubbly bathwater, eyes closed, chillaxing. Shocked out of the tub by the cold blast of water, he’d grabbed her and whacked her. Then he’d turned off the tap, pulled the plug on the water, and declared that she was going across his knee.

“Like fun I am,” she’d said, looking down at the bright palm print on her thigh.

But over his knee she’d gone and it had been fun. He’d smacked her bare, wet-from-the-bath bottom twelve times, then rolled her onto her back and given her what had at that point been the best shag of her life. Afterwards, they’d lain contented on the bed, her head tucked under his left arm.

“Now that,” she’d said, “was amazing sex.”

“Sex is always better after a spanking,” he’d declared.

“Who for? Me or you?”

“Both of us,” he’d grinned. “You were drenched and I’m not talking about the bathwater.”

“Bastard!” Half-annoyed and half-embarrassed, she slapped his arm.

“Stop that,” he said, stern. “That’s my job.” He sat up, hauled her across his lap and gave her backside another six sharp smacks.

“Ow,” she said. “This is so unfair.”

“But you’re enjoying it,” he said. “Aren’t you?”

It was too embarrassing to admit it, but yes, Lucy was. Spanking had been something she’d fantasised about for years. Schoolteachers had been the imaginary spankers in her childhood, followed by boys she’d fancied in her teens and later the handsome young men she’d met through work. She’d fantasised about being spanked by Noel, too, and the fact that he actually did spank sent shivers down her spine. Not that she could bring herself to admit it. Instead, she wiggled her bottom, hoping that would serve as the answer that she couldn’t pluck up the courage to give voice to.

He’d chuckled and stroked her smarting buttocks and thighs. “That was just playful,” he’d said. “You wait till you get a real spanking from me. I can guarantee you won’t enjoy it at all.”

At that moment she couldn’t imagine not enjoying a spanking from Noel. But down the track she’d realised he was as good as his word.

Hmm, let’s read on. Maybe Bethany will appease our curiosity and we’ll find out if Noel is true to his word about a serious spanking and if Lucy still enjoys it. 


Lucy observed him for a second. So far, he’d always looked amused before giving her a spanking; now, though, he looked grim.

“Is this going to be a serious spanking, then?” she asked. “The sort you say I won’t enjoy?”

“Stop prevaricating, Lucy. If I have to make you go over my knee, I’ll make the spanking harder and longer – and, believe me, it’s going to be hard enough and long enough already.” He tapped his knee with the hairbrush.

Should she? Shouldn’t she? Lucy didn’t know what she wanted to do. Refuse to let him spank her? Defy him so he would be forced to overpower her? Get over his knee? She wanted the spanking…but not to be told what to do.

In the end, she gave a defiant toss of her head, and bent over his knee. Noel lifted her skirt.

Bethany Leigh, you are such a tease to leave us hanging. Now, I’m thinkin’ Lucy’s gonna have a very sore bottom by the time Noel is finished. I wonder if I’m right?


Author Bio

Bethany Leigh is a newbie erotic romance writer published by Blushing Books. Her first novella, Freedom, is set in a kinky alternate Edwardian era, and her second, At Dead at Night, is a murder mystery set in present-day England. Her short story anthology, A Cure for All Ills and Other Stories, will also be published by Blushing Books, and includes contemporary, historical and time-travel stories set in Australia, England and the Czech Republic.

She enjoys writing (and reading!) about strong-willed heroines crossing swords with alpha heroes.

Author links


Twitter: @writerbethany1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bethany-Leigh-108399886191157/

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Bethany-Leigh/e/B018Z9NLSK/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1449447482&sr=8-1


#HotCowboy #SassyLady #HistoricalWestern

Welcome to WIP Wednesday. This is my first time posting so please bear with me. A special thanks to Meredith for including me in her post on Face Book 🙂  After you’ve read my post, please take the time to visit the others joining me today. This tasty tidbit is from ‘Wild for You’ Have a great day!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

“Look at me.” Nathan hadn’t shouted, yet the command was still there. She met his eyes. “Demure doesn’t suit you. A woman’s temper doesn’t frighten me in the least.” He swallowed a mouthful of coffee, set the cup down and ran his thumb up and down the curved handle. “Especially if she’s a beautiful woman in need of a firm hand.”

Bonnie envied the coffee cup he was stroking. She eyed those hands and jealously hit hard. No doubt a man as handsome as he had had his fair share of women. How many women had been lucky enough to lie over his thighs, feel the weight of his palm? “Mr. Holt, are you implying that I need a firm hand?”

“All females need a firm hand at one time or another. Some learn from the very first spanking they received from their pa, some like to push for more.” He lowered his voice. “I’m thinking you like to push for more. Am I right?”

Smooth as melted butter. Oh, he was good, so good she may have to go home and change her bloomers. She clenched her thighs. Time for a change of subject before she really embarrassed herself.  “I don’t know what you said to Mr. Fogerty, but he sure left in a hurry.”

If he noticed her evasion of the question he didn’t let on. “The man’s an idiot.”

“It was my fault. He used his fork for half the meal, then had the nerve to demand another one, saying it was dirty. I should’ve kept my mouth shut and got him another, instead I wiped it on the tablecloth and shoved it in his face. I’m doing my best to control my temper, but it’s not going all that well.”

“And why would you be doing that?” Nathan prompted.

“Mother says a man doesn’t want to come home to a temperamental wife at the end of a work day, that’s why.”

“Now, don’t go clumping us men all together. I don’t mean no disrespect, but I have to disagree with your Ma on that. Take a man’s point of view, mine anyway.  Coming home to a meek, prim wife doesn’t sound like all that much fun.” Her eyes widened. He leaned forward, green eyes sparkling, one corner of his mouth curved upward. “Don’t get me wrong, losing ones temper over every little thing isn’t all that attractive, but I have my own way of dealing with short tempers. If you were my wife, you’d be over my knee and spanked hard.”

Lordy, it was getting awfully hot in here. Bonnie wasn’t sure how to reply to that remark. She ached between her legs something awful. She couldn’t focus on anything else but the image he had created in her mind. “Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack. Do you want to know what else I think?”

A proper lady would get up and walk away, but Bonnie couldn’t move a muscle even if she wanted to. She licked her lips. “What?”

“I think you are a woman in dire need of physical correction.



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Swiftwater series Book 2 ‘Wild for You’ Blushing Books

COVER‘Wild for You’ #steamy #western  Swiftwater Series Book 2 🙂

If you’ve read, Charley’s Pride, you know that Charley is actually a young woman named Charlotte who meets her ‘dream man’ on a stage bound for Kansas. After a few twists and misunderstandings, she and rancher Slade Hazard finally get together and have their happily ever after.

Nathan Holt and Bonnie Blakely are the secondary characters and their story, ‘Wild for You’ is now available for download. Available in paperback too 🙂

Spanking New Western from Blushing Books.

I’m sharing an excerpt from my new #Historical #Western #Romance from Blushing Books 🙂


Nathan Holt has a reputation in Swiftwater, and not one he was proud of. If he had half a brain, he’d stay far away from there. But there was a certain blue-eyed blonde holding his heart, not to mention a half-sister that he barely knew. He had left Swiftwater to protect them from his father. That reason no longer existed.

Bonnie Blakely had been taught to be a proper lady, but inside she felt anything but proper. She longed for a man – a strong, capable man – to put her across his knee. A brief encounter with Nathan Holt had held promise, but he left Swiftwater, Kansas years ago. He had promised he’d return, but as time passed without a word, Bonnie feared her dreams of his firm hand and unconditional love would never be fulfilled.


“You are a naughty girl.” His low drawl made her toes curl. “Your pa didn’t do you anyfavors by not paddling your ass when you were a little girl.” He unbuckled his belt, but left it
hanging as he moved to the wall where there were various farm implements.
Bonnie’s heart jolted with excitement. She licked her lips, her gaze tracking his every
move. “I told you Papa spoiled me.” Dampness gathered between her legs and trickled down her
inner thighs. She could smell her own arousal.

“That day you came to the jail, I swore I’d never seen a more beautiful woman in my
life.” He took a riding crop off the wall, examined it, then put it back. He moved further along
and reached for a coiled rope. “Then, when you opened your mouth and spewed such
vindictiveness toward a woman you claimed took your man, it sickened me to think such a
beauty could be so ugly. A man can’t be took if he doesn’t want to be.”

His words were harsh and unyielding. Bonnie briefly squeezed her eyes shut against the
enormous ache in her heart. When she opened them again and looked at him, his expression was unreadable. She swallowed, nearly choking on her own saliva. Shivers of uncertainty as to why he really invited her here crept along her arms and legs. He must think her vile and rightly so.
She never should have come here. Was it only his intent to humiliate her? Had her feelings
toward him been one-sided all along? God, she hoped not. Her shoulders sagged under his stern
scrutiny. She’d take what was coming; she deserved to be punished. She lowered her head, not
wanting to witness his fathomless stare any longer, but his finger under her chin wouldn’t allow
her the advantage.

“But, when I told you how a man could truly hurt a woman, break her until
there’s nothing left, you pleaded with me to forget your vendetta. You showed compassion and
that meant something to me.” A gentle brush of his thumb wiped away her tears.

“I, I was wrong, so wrong to come to you with such a horrid idea.” She shuddered.
“Charlotte believes things happen for a reason. If I had been the one in her shoes, I wouldn’t
have been so forgiving.”

Nathan squatted in front of her, his breath mingling with hers. “In my dreams you came
to me naked, your long blonde hair covering your breasts. I’d turn you over my knee and spank
you until your ass turned red, then I carried you to my bed. I’d get down on my knees and latch
my mouth onto your sweet pussy.” He paused. “Do my words offend you?”

Bonnie’s heartbeat ramped loudly in her ears. What he implied had to be scandalous and
downright filthy, an act no proper lady would ever allow a man to do, but she’d welcome
Nathan’s tongue anywhere on or in her body, especially that part now heavy and throbbing and
pounding with every beat of her heart. “Oh, God, Nathan, no. Those words don’t offend me at all.”

His hand fisted in her hair and he yanked, leaving her feeling open and vulnerable.
“Would they excite you if another man said the same words? Would they arouse you like you are
right now?”

“God, no,” she whispered fiercely. “I want only your hands and mouth upon me.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not. I swear.”

His nostrils flared. Bonnie swore her woman’s scent filled the barn. “Now is not the time
to think about the pleasures your ripe body surely holds. You’ve pushed me too far with your
talk about finding another man to tame you. I’m the only man for you. I’m the only man who
will punish you and by the time I’m finished, you’ll have an excruciating ride home. It’s time for
a reckoning sorely needed on your part.” He released his hold on her hair and stood up. Bonnie
licked her lips in anticipation. He stepped away and she swayed forward as if pulled by an
invisible thread connecting them together.

The rasp of leather being pulled singed her ears and she winced. He picked up the coiled
rope at his feet. “What’s the rope for?” She asked.

Rayanna Jamison’s new release, ‘Ginger Up’.

ginger up coverHi, Rayanna, word has that ‘Ginger Up’, is another installment of the ‘Corbin’s Bend’ series from Blushing Books. First, let’s find out what exactly ‘Corbin’s Bend is…

Welcome to Corbin’s Bend, the first equity-cooperative housing development just for spankofiles. Thirty thousand acres in the mountains above Denver sits your dream come true. With 1000 home sites, several restaurants, a club house, theater, pool, and many other amenities, you will find yourself at home.


Corbin’s Bend is the setting for a group of spanking romance novellas set in, where else? Corbin’s Bend, Colorado. A fictitious housing cooperative, Corbin’s Bend is unique in that everyone living there is into spanking, whether that be erotically or through domestic discipline. Just imagine, a place where nobody has to hide their particular spanking lifestyle.

Sounds like a great place to live, Rayanna! Plus what’s also good is each Corbin’s Bend book can be read as stand-alones as well, but who would want to break up such a good set?

Blurb for ‘Ginger Up’,

After a difficult delivery and birth of her daughter, control freak Ginger Davies, is losing control. She cares only for the care of her daughter and has no time or energy for anything else. Her home, business, and relationships are suffering. She knows something needs to change, but she is too overwhelmed to do anything about it. As someone who has always prided herself on being strong and capable, and disciplined, she can’t bring herself to admit what she is really going through.

Her husband Beau has been content to take a break from domestic discipline to give Ginger the time and space she needs to recover, but he soon realizes that he’s not doing her any favors by letting things go. He realizes that break or no break, it’s time to regain control of his home and step up in a way that he never has before.

Sizzling excerpt 😉

“See, here’s the thing. I was more than willing to take a break. Aside from your temper, I’ve never had to worry much about you, and I figured I could trust you enough to keep yourself under control, and remember the heart of why we do this. But now, now you’re disobedient, you’re not living up to your responsibilities, you’re rude and belligerent, and you seem to enjoy throwing it in my face that I can’t spank you for it. The way I see it, you’ve been begging me to do just that.”

Ginger bit her lip, chewing it absently as she pondered his words. Is that what she had been doing? Shame rose up in her cheeks as she remembered her harsh words and defiant actions. It was just yesterday, but it seemed so long ago now. Nothing to put things in perspective like a first thing in the morning trip over your husband’s knee, she mused.

“Is that what you’ve been doing Ginger? Have you been begging for a spanking?”

She didn’t reply, still wrapped up in her own thoughts, she didn’t even realize he was asking her a question, until his hand stopped rubbing and came cracking down on her backside with all the force of a paddle. Damn, she had forgotten how hard his hands could be.

“Answer me, woman.” His hand went back, poised for impact, and she squeaked out her answer, bracing herself for the blow.

“No, I wasn’t, I wasn’t!” It didn’t seem to be the answer he was looking for, as his hand connected with her aching backside.

“Okay, okay, maybe I was! But, it wasn’t conscious!”

At her admission, his hand stilled, coming down softly to rest on her back. “Now we’re getting somewhere. Tell me, whose idea was it do domestic discipline?”

Ginger sighed. “Mine, Sir”

“And, whose idea was it to move to Corbin’s Bend?”

She could see where this was going, and it didn’t bode well for her. “Mine, Sir”

“Mmm-hmm” His finger pumped inside her, in and out of her tight hole. She clenched around it, hoping for relief, but he just pumped harder. “Whose idea was it to take a break, from any and all punishments, against the advice of our friends and mentors?”

“It was my idea.” Her voice sounded empty, even to her.

The pumping stopped, but the spanking began in earnest. His hand flattened against her bottom, again and again, peppering both cheeks with sharp swats, one after another, with no pause between. Dd may have been her idea, but damn, the man could spank.

“It seems to me,” he began, concentrating on reddening the crease between her thighs and bottom cheeks, “that we’ve been doing things your way for much too long. I’ve let you be in charge of everything, even this.”

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Blushing Books

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Rayanna Jamison is a spanking romance author. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now resides in Southern Utah, where she likes to say she spends her days sipping mudslides and writing by the hot tub while the kids play. Her stories border on sweet, although they get slightly naughtier with each new story she writes.  Her passion is to write about submission in its many forms, and the effects it has on relationships and lives.

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Maggie and Laurel share their spanking new romance!


Hi Maggie and Laurel, pleased to have you on my blog today. I bet you both had lots of fun writing this story, collaborating back and forth, sharing ideas and spankings 🙂  I read the excerpt for ‘Realizing her Dream’ and I gotta say, it sounds hot 😉 Just goes to show that two heads are better than one. Congrats on your new book!

REALIZING COVERBlurb: When Casey Reeves loses her husband to an unexpected heart attack, she gives herself a new mantra: To live life as if it were an amazing adventure, as every single day matters.

Unfortunately, one of the things on her bucket list looks far better on paper, and when Casey finds herself up in a plane, strapped to a tall, handsome man, about to undertake her very first parachute jump, she realizes that she’d do just about anything to be able to back out.

Paul Jackson has been a parachute instructor ever since he retired early, and has seen his fair share of terrified women, but when Casey hysterically promises to do anything he asks in return for being able to return to solid ground safely—even let him spank her—he’s amused, and not a little intrigued. He’s also more than willing to accept her bargain.

Casey finds herself taking a leap of faith—in more ways than one. The two begin their journey together, spending some time on a luxurious yacht, in a tropical rainforest and even in a ranch in outback Australia, as they work their way through her list.

What they discover is that life has a tendency not to follow carefully designed plans. With Paul beside her, Casey quickly learns that living every day to its fullest entails far more than she’d ever imagined. And by her side throughout the action, danger and laughter is a man who not only has no hesitation in reddening her bottom when she deserves it, but can send her soaring into ecstasy with a single look or a touch of his hand.

Finding a new love to equal—or even exceed—her old one was not even on Casey’s bucket list but now that she has, can they make it work? Is Paul really the man of her dreams?

Best-selling author Maggie Ryan and newcomer Laurel Jane have put their heads and their pens together to come up with this, an exciting tale of romance, lust, love, spanking and adventure. If the subject of domestic discipline or explicit erotica offends you, please do not read this book

Excerpt  (PG)

“I’m very pleased to see you are still here,” he said.

Casey attempted to think of something witty to say, but every word stuck in her throat. The only thing she could do was nod.


She thought about quipping that she had been born ready but for some reason, the man towering over her looked quite capable of making her prove it. “Um, to go celebrate? Is that what you mean?”

“Believe me, Casey, you’ll always understand exactly what I mean.” He paused to hold out his hand and she took it automatically. “We’ll have some dinner, and then for dessert—well, at least for my dessert anyway—I will give you the spanking you’ve been promised. This is your last chance to back out. If you agree, and by that I mean agree to both dinner and having your bottom blistered, I’ll pick you up tonight. Now tell me, are you ready?”


Charlotte, “Stop threatening me.” Slade, “Stop giving me grief.”

Sparks fly the moment Charlotte (aka Charley) and Slade meet.

Charlotte cast one last glance at the huge platform behind her. The journey by train had gone off without a hitch. No one seemed to notice the young boy seated by himself.

Clutching her bag to her chest, she weaved her way through the crowd, anxiously searching for the stage depot. When she found it, she hurried forward and paid her passage to Kansas. A man who introduced himself as Smitty took her bag and threw it on top of the stagecoach. He merely pointed to the small rickety ladder provided and she slowly climbed aboard. Once she was seated, another passenger had arrived. He was almost inside when the ladder swayed. Alarmed, he lunged and landed at Charlotte’s feet. She immediately reached out, but he waved her hand away and climbed onto the seat by himself. Another five minutes had passed and when no one else showed up to board, Smitty shut the door. They were on their way to Kansas. Charlotte made herself more comfortable and closed her eyes.
“Whoa, Smitty, hold up a minute.”
Charlotte’s eyes shot wide open and she immediately straightened in her seat, anxious to see to whom that deep, booming voice outside the coach belonged. Her heart thumped wildly. The door swung open and she almost burst into a fit of nervous giggles.
Staring was downright rude, but she couldn’t keep herself from ogling the handsome man. This was the closest she had ever gotten to a real cowboy since she had been a little girl and she was going to enjoy every minute of it as a woman. Besides, he probably wouldn’t give a hoot if she crossed her eyes and poked out her tongue.
His barely there nod set her tummy to flutter. He was so tall he had to hunch down or his head would have surely bumped the top of the coach. She only had a second to note how his broad shoulders tapered to a lean waist before he sat down. Denim pants wrapped snugly around muscled thighs and long legs. Her gaze settled upon his large hands and a tingle started at her toes, traveled up her legs, shot straight up to her hairline and settled between her legs. Charlotte clenched her pelvic muscles and it felt as if she had wet herself. She licked her lips and continued her perusal. There was a hint of a mustache on his upper lip and his chin sported dark stubble. Tiny lines at the corner of his eyes gave him a mature appearance and added to his appeal. She closed her eyes and sighed. She had to admit, he was much better looking than her dream man. Too bad she had to pretend to be a boy. She would have liked to practice a little flirting.
* * * * *
Slade grew more annoyed with each passing minute. Surely, the young brat seated across from him had been schooled in proper behavior. Staring was rude. Where were the kid’s parents? He was way to young to be traveling by himself. Maybe he was an orphan. A scrawny orphan at that. A strong wind could easily blow him over and those effeminate features had to be a curse. Slade had no doubt the poor kid had been a brunt of many jokes regarding his gender. Slade despised bullying of any kind. The very idea of the young boy possibly being subjected to abuse sickened him. Even though the boy irritated him, he’d make sure he came to no harm on the trip to Swiftwater. After that, the boy was on his own.

Slade tugged at the brim of his hat to cover his eyes and folded his arms across his chest. He was bone tired, but the trip to Cheyenne had been worth it. His bid had landed the pure bred bull Silas Henry, his boss and most of all, his friend, had wanted. The animal should arrive within a couple of days. Silas was a good, decent man. Slade had been a drifter since the age of eighteen after his parents had perished in a fire. As soon as he had given them a proper burial, he packed what few possessions he could scarf from the rubble and left Wyoming. He had spent the next five years picking up odd jobs here and there, riding herd, mending fences, branding cattle, and suffered through a few cattle drives, which he intended to avoid as much as possible. Then, the day came when he just didn’t want to roam anymore. At twenty-three, he decided Kansas would be his last stop. What cash he had saved was running out fast. He only had enough to stay in a hotel for a few days while he looked for work. By the time his money ran out, he had landed a job as foreman for Silas Henry on his cattle ranch. That was five years ago and the ranch was thriving.
Silas usually made the trip when it came to purchasing his own livestock, but this particular time a family crisis had kept him close to home. The wire his ex-wife had sent from Boston had him half out of his mind with worry. According to the missive, their daughter had taken off on her own and was on her way to Kansas. Slade muttered a curse. A woman traveling alone was just an open invitation for vermin. Silas should have taken his daughter in hand years ago. He had heard stories about Charlotte from old Buzz, a close friend of Silas’s. She had always been headstrong and it sounded as if she hadn’t changed.
He switched his thoughts to Bonnie, the pretty blonde he’d escorted to a few church socials during the past month. Bonnie was well behaved, quiet and polite. She’d make a good wife. Slade sighed. He had to make up his mind. He wasn’t getting any younger. Perhaps it was about time he picked a wife and had some children of his own. Bonnie was docile and wouldn’t give him a lick of trouble. She was a good cook and very easy on the eyes. He wasn’t in love with her, but was love really that important in a marriage? He’d be a faithful husband, a good provider and he wouldn’t raise his hand in anger. That should be enough. Besides, if he waited too long, time would pass him by and he’d turn into an old geezer like Buzz. He hadn’t made any promises to Bonnie. He hadn’t touched her inappropriately. Perhaps it was time he bit the bullet and proposed.
Slade adjusted his hat on his head and thoughts of marriage and kids flew out the window. Blasted kid was still eyeballing him. He should take off his belt and whip the boy’s backside good. As far as Charlotte Henry was concerned, all he could do was hope the young woman came to no harm. She was most likely miles away from here. He might be too far away to protect her, but this young boy was within his reach and he intended to teach him a lesson or two about manners. “Something on your mind, son?”
* * * * *
Heat flamed Charlotte’s cheeks and blazed a trail straight to her hairline. Darn, he had caught her staring. “Um-” She cleared her throat and spoke more gruffly. “No, sir.”
“Then quit staring.”
Ordinarily, she would have taken offense at his reprimand, but she sat there like a fool. He had pushed back his hat and his steely blue eyes took her breath away. “I-I apologize.” She swallowed hard and turned away. Felicia had been wrong; this cowboy was very mannerly and handsome.
The thin man seated beside her spoke for the first time. “Surely, Mr…”

Charlotte couldn’t stop herself from looking at the cowboy once again. One dark brow arched. “Slade Hazard.” He offered his hand. “And you are?”
“Basil, Basil Hornberger.” Both men leaned forward, shook hands, then fell back against their seats. Charlotte’s heart skipped a beat. Slade’s hand had completely enveloped Basil’s.
“Are you related to the boy, Mr. Hornberger?”
Basil shook his head. “No, why do you ask?”
Charlotte’s temper flared. “The ‘boy’ is right here. Don’t be rude and discourteous by speaking over me.” Her fury was aimed directly at the cowboy.
“For a kid who’s barely out of the schoolroom, your impudence is not appreciated. Respect your elders,” he countered sharply.
The nerve of the man! She was not a kid. She’d been out of the schoolroom for over a year. She threw back her shoulders proudly. “I am nineteen and have the right to voice my opinion.” His big hands clenched and he straightened in his seat. Charlotte was surely within a hair’s breath away from being throttled.
Suddenly, the interior of the rocking coach seemed awfully small. Apparently, he wasn’t used to being spoken to in such a belligerent manner. In all honesty, he had made a valid point. She had been taught to respect her elders. “Again, I apologize. As long as we’re introducing ourselves, my name is Charley. In answer to your question, Mr. Hazard, Mr. Hornberger and I are not related.” For some unknown reason she didn’t want to be at odds with the man. As a matter of fact, she hoped to enjoy herself in his company even though she had to keep up her pretense and act like a boy. She wondered what he’d do if he knew she was a woman. Would he be as quick to reprimand or would he tip his hat and beg for her forgiveness?
A swathe of hair fell in disarray across his tanned forehead and he removed his hat. With his black wavy hair, blue eyes and muscular form, he put the dandies back in Boston to shame. The material wrapped around her chest tightened and she had difficulty breathing. Charlotte panicked and poked her head out the window for some much needed air and got a face full of dust instead. A fit of coughing plagued her.
“Here, it’s clean.”
A handkerchief landed in her lap. Slade’s throat was now bare and she watched his Adam’s apple move up and down as he spoke to Basil. “In answer to your question before we were so rudely interrupted, there is a reason why I asked if the two of you were related. I had hoped the kid wasn’t traveling by himself.” He directed his gaze at Charlotte once again. “Staring is also rude and discourteous, Charley. Pick the wrong man and you might find yourself face down in the dirt with your ass sticking up in the air and getting more than you bargained for.”
Charlotte gasped. Her overactive imagination conjured up a picture of what he had described and her stomach churned with disgust. Only a monster would do such a thing to a young boy. Surely such human depravity did not exist. She’d rather believe the world was a much better place. Charlotte dabbed at her face with the handkerchief he had carelessly flung in her direction. His scent permeated her nostrils. Sweat, man, and a hint of mint. Oddly pleasing. Keeping the checkered cloth for her personal enjoyment would more than likely raise an eyebrow. She thanked him for his hospitality and turned away. The train ride had been quiet and uneventful. There was absolutely no reason why this short trip to Swiftwater couldn’t be the same. All she had to do was close her eyes for a spell and keep her mouth shut.
* * * * *
Deafening gunshots woke Charlotte from a fitful sleep.

Slade twisted in his seat and stuck his head out the window. “Smitty, what the hell’s going on?” He ducked back inside seconds before another round of shots were fired.
“Someone’s taking shots at us.”
No shit. The coach hit a bump and bounced straight up into the air, sending Slade sprawling across the seat. Sonofabitch!
“I could sure use some help up here, Mr. Hazard. Got no one riding shotgun on this trip.”
“On my way.” He slid to the opposite side of the seat, but the tug on his pant leg prevented him from swinging out the window. He hunkered down in front of the kid and swore he’d never seen such a stunning pair of green eyes. In that instant, Slade knew he’d burn in hell for admiring such traits on the boy. It was perverted. He must be losing his mind.
“Where are you going?”
Slade cleared his throat and spoke more sharply than he had intended. “Up above to help the driver. Keep your head down and out of the way.” Those eyes shone with tears and he muttered a curse. “Don’t worry, Charley. I’ll get us out of here safe and sound.” Basil was out of sight, huddled under the seat. Slade readied to lunge out the window, but another shot exploded, followed by a resounding crack of a whip. The coach burst into full speed and Slade was flung backward on the seat.
Caught off guard, Charlotte was thrown forward and landed headfirst between his wide spread legs. Her fingers sank into his upper thighs.
Holy shit! Slade pushed her roughly to the floor. Damn, he had to get out of here. The kids’ face in his lap and shaken him more than he cared to admit. “Both of you stay down,” he barked, annoyed at himself for having these abnormal reactions toward a young boy. It was wrong. He switched his focus to the matter at hand. Once they were out of this mess, he’d head to the nearest saloon and partake of some female company.
Slade couldn’t recall the last time a stagecoach had been held up in these parts. Sheriff Tom Davis was a stickler for the law. The burly man despised trouble and made certain the citizens of Swiftwater behaved accordingly and visitors knew the rules. Whoever was out there would regret their actions.
Slade poked his head out the window. Swirls of dirt surrounded the stagecoach. Off to the left, he was able to make out three riders who were bearing down on them fast and, wait a minute… one of them had a gun pointed directly at him. Nah, couldn’t be. Not taking any chances, Slade ducked just as a loud whiz zipped over his head and passed through the window on the opposite side.
“Sir, please mind your language. We have a young boy here.” Basil’s high-pitched voice sounded from under the seat.
Slade gritted his teeth. Language hell, he almost pissed himself. That blasted shot had been too close for comfort. “Basil, the farthest thing from my mind is the use of proper language when I’m getting shot at.”
“There’s no need to be sarcastic, Mr. Hazard.” Slade swore again for the hell of it. A sudden movement sent his temper soaring. He snared Charlotte by the back of the shirt, spun her around and shook her roughly. “I thought I told you to stay down? Keep your nose to the floor.” He delivered a sound whack to the seat of her pants.
Charlotte sank to the floor. “Don’t yell me,” she snapped. “And don’t you dare strike my person again.” She reached under the seat and pulled out his hat. “Your poor hat has a hole in it.” She poked her finger through the ragged tear. “See?”

Slade ground his back molars until his jaw hurt. Don’t strike my person? Good Gawd! “Better than a hole in my head, don’t you think? You need a trip to the woodshed and not for chopping wood.”
“And you should be horsewhipped for beating me, you flea bitten cur.”
Flea bitten cur? A biting retort died on his lips as the coach slowed to a crawl and finally shuddered to a complete stop. Pounding hooves circled once, then all was quiet except for a snort here and there from the winded horses. Slade got into Charlotte’s personal space. “You keep your mouth shut, you hear?” He reached for his gun.
“I’m gonna open this door real slow like. Toss any weapons out first or the driver gets a hole in his head!”
So much for a sneak attack. Slade held up his gun. Rebellion lit the kid’s eyes for a mere second, then quickly disappeared. Slade had to admire the kid’s spunk, but now was not the time to play the hero. “I mean it. You mind what I said, Charley. So help me if you cause a lick of trouble I’ll peel a layer of skin off your hide.”
“Stop threatening me.”
“Stop giving me grief.”
The door opened and they both shut up. Sunlight and dust filtered inside the stuffy coach. “Toss the hardware.”
The terse order grated on Slade’s nerves. As the dust cleared, his eyes landed on the gunman and he near flew into a rage. All of them wore bandanas, but judging from the pitch of his tone, Slade was sure the one making all of the demands couldn’t be much older than Charley. Christ, they were bested by a kid. He’d take a chance and tackle him, but the other two men on horseback were watching closely.
Slade chucked his gun and jumped. Since his parents had been taken from this world way too early in life, he had given up on prayers. They had been good people and didn’t deserve to die such a horrible death. He still had issues with the Lord in that respect, but today he offered up a deal. If the little irritant in pants obeyed his order and remained quiet, he’d get his butt to church.
Charlotte stood poised in the doorway and Slade tensed. What was the kid waiting for? The last thing they needed was an agitated gunman.

‘Oh, what a Knight’


Romance book cover for ebook

I’m pleased to have Sadie Dane on my blog chatting about her newest release, Protected by the Knight. (#3 in the Loving the Knight Series) First, we’ll ask her a few questions.

 Hi Sadie, welcome to my blog. Can you explain what prompted you to write Protected by the Knight?

Protected by the Knight is actually the third book in my Loving the Knight series. Each book before was written to be enjoyed as a stand-alone, however there are repeat, or cameo, characters. That being said, Edward appeared first in the second book of the series, Possessed by the Knight as the hero’s brother. Edward was such a fun, sexy character to write, I was immediately intrigued about who he would end up with, what his sexy story was. I was able to discover that with Protected by the Knight and have to say (though I am biased) that he couldn’t have ended up with anyone better.

Sounds like you had a lot of fun writing this story. When you sold your first story, how did you commemorate the occasion?

At the risk of sounding silly I will start answering this question with an obvious statement: Writing is tough! For me, in the beginning stages, the toughest part was dealing with the constant flow of rejection. I mention this only so you will know that by the time something was accepted I had grown so familiar to rejection, I expected it as one expects the sun to rise in the morning. So, when I finally heard back that something I wrote was accepted for publication, my first reaction was that there was some kind of mistake. I waited for weeks (during that time I could have celebrated or enjoyed the moment) for that second email to come, that one that said, “Actually, just joking!!”

What is your biggest mistake or regret as a writer?

My biggest regret at this stage is whenever I let stresses change how I perceive my writing. I love to write, it is my hobby and dream but whenever real life comes along to punch me in the face it can change writing to more of a chore. And then usually, a long break happens where I don’t write. I guess I am saying I regret not spending time I could be writing, writing.

That happens to me a lot too. I go too long between writing. I need to devote some time to writing everyday. Even if it’s only for an hour 🙂 In five words, please describe your writing style for this series.

I’ll do you one better and make them all start with S: Spanky, sweet, sexy, silly and sticky.

LOL, love those  S words. How much does your own sexuality come into play when you are writing a book?

It’s hard to not let my own turn ons and offs creep into my writing, but I try to stay out of it. If anything, I will hear about a kink, research it so I can write it and then after writing it, think that it may sound like fun. I am sure my husband is worried about this every time I write about something that is out of his comfort zone! Joking. Kind of.

Okay, one last question and then we’ll get to the excerpt. What’s the best part about writing erotica?

The absolute freedom. Almost nothing is out of bounds, nothing that I personally would want to write about anyway, and I think that may be a unique aspect of erotica.

Thanks Sadie and good luck with your book!


Sir Edward Caldwell is not the type of knight to entertain notions of love. He has seen how little it takes to break a vow, and refuses to ever end up the fool. So when he’s ordered to protect a visiting princess, he seizes the opportunity to add a royal notch to his bedpost. What he never expected was that the princess would be just as much of a player as he is.

Princess Lotte has mere weeks before her arranged marriage is to take place and, despite her personal guard’s wishes, plans to spend that time experiencing everything life has to offer. Luckily, fate sends her just the knight for the job. But when she finds herself over his knee, with her heart on her sleeve, she realizes she’s playing a dangerous game – without knowing the rules


Chapter One

“Of course, dove. You are my everything. Without you there is no meaning.” Edward performed his lines with the perfection of a seasoned actor. He gripped the supple cheeks of the vixen straddling him. She bit her lower lip, an amazing actress by her own right, as her bright blue eyes burned. They both knew the parts they needed to play.

“What if my husband finds out?” she whispered as if their love had robbed her of enough air to speak at a normal level.

Edward let his hands slide up her torso where he held a breast in each palm. His cock hardened at the dessert that was to come. He’d sampled this treat before and knew it was worth the theatricality required to taste it. “Let him find out,” Edward hissed, his lips vibrated against her neck. “Let the world find out!”

She wailed in longing, their scene had reached its climax and now it was time for Edward to reach his. His cock celebrated its near victory. His hands joined the party as he lifted the sultry siren up enough to delve into her silky folds.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Someone knocked urgently at his door. Edward turned his head from the sound and lifted his hips. The woman froze, wide eyes transfixed on the very door Edward was happy to ignore.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Piss off!”

The woman shrieked. “What if it’s my husband?”

Moments from glory, Edward clucked his tongue and shook his head softly. “No, no,” he placed a soothing hand on her cheek. “I’m sure it is nothing import—”

“Urgent message from the King!” came the voice from the other side of the door.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” Edward bit the words out, sliding from beneath the beautiful, blonde filly. He watched her slide back and out of sight before yanking the door open, not bothering to cover himself. “What is it?”

A young, very serious looking messenger glanced once at the parchment he held before speaking at a volume loud enough for the entire castle to hear. “The King requests your discreet presence at a secret—”

“Excuse me,” Edward interrupted the messenger, leaning one arm up and against the doorway, “if it is a secret, should you be screaming?”

The messenger remained, his mouth wide open, his forehead crinkling as if he was pondering life’s greatest questions. Edward looked past the goldfish and spied a smirking figure lurking in the shadows on the other side of the path.

“I am quite busy,” Edward said to the figure in the shadows.

Caldwell leaned forward and crossed his arms. “Not anymore.”


Links to buy:

Blushing: http://www.blushingbooks.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=3366&welcome=1

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y332SE6/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00Y332SE6&linkCode=as2&tag=romantspanki-20&linkId=BKBZAVTHZW6LESDK

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/protected-by-the-knight-sadie-dane/1121979705?ean=2940151532419



Sadie Dane was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, a place where coffee is an acceptable beverage choice at any hour and where umbrellas are for quitters. Her love of romance novels brought her to an early life of crime and deception as she became an expert at stealing her mother’s old bodice rippers, memorizing exactly how they were placed on the shelf and returning them, unnoticed. She is happy that these days she can read and write freely, using less covert tactics.

Links to other works:

Pursued by the Knight: Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Pursued-Knight-Sadie-Dane-ebook/dp/B00FL4UH94

B&N- http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/pursued-by-the-knight-sadie-dane/1117029458?ean=2940148506386

Blushing books- http://www.blushingbooks.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2546

Possessed by the Knight: Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Possessed-Knight-Sadie-Dane-ebook/dp/B00IZEGS4A

B&N- http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/possessed-by-the-knight-blushing-books/1118907620?ean=2940149537440

Blushing Books- http://www.blushingbooks.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2749


If you like, find me at my:

Blog: Saucy Sadie- http://www.sadiedane.wordpress.com/

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Saturday Spankings

Another Saturday is upon us and that means it’s time for Saturday Spanks. Release date for ‘Wild for You’, is June 23. I picked out my cover so now all I have to do is wait until Blushing Books fixes it up and then I can share. Yay! I love covers. My contribution this week is from ‘Wild for You’.

Because of her jealousy, Bonnie had placed Charlotte in harms way. Charlotte forgave her, but she’s having a tough time forgiving herself. Never punished for her nasty deed, Nathan offers to rectify the situation and Bonnie takes him up on it.

So, does your offer still stand?” Bonnie asked.

            “That depends. Is this the proper lady who bought me lunch standing in front of me or the naughty girl in need of correction.”

            She flushed. “The naughty girl,” she whispered softly.

            “The naughty girl… what?”

            Lord, he wanted her to say it. “The naughty girl in need of correction.”


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