Well here we are nearing the end of August. I went for my daily walk and stopped in this little garden and bakery shop to grab a bottle of water. I spotted a basket of candy on the counter filled with Halloween candy. My first thought was, ‘Already?’

Yes, it’s almost that time of the year again. Where did the summer go? This summer was way different for me than pasts ones. This summer I got to meet some really amazing people! I’m actually chatting with authors whose books I have in my ‘Romance Library.’ Seriously, what other kind of stories would I have? And my kindle has so many stories on it not to mention my PC.

Why was this summer so different? I had a goal. Something I had wanted for a long long time. I wrote a romance novel and it was contracted. “A Heart’s Endeavor” isn’t my first. My first novel was rejected by two publishers. I kind of expected that. I knew I was making mistakes. The problem was I didn’t know what those mistakes were. I didn’t expect busy publishers to point those mistakes out, but that’s exactly what happened. So many times I wanted to give up, but I kept on plugging along and Beachwalkpress was right there with me. I was cautioned that it would involve a lot of hard work and it did, but look at what came out of it?

I don’t know what’s going to happen down the road. I do know that what I was taught by my editor will be used to it’s fullest potential in my second story. I know that I’ll still make mistakes. So instead of asking myself, “How did I get here?” I’m going to concentrate on shouting, “I have arrived.”

So, do you have a goal? If so, stick with it. You’ll get there!