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Welcome to WIP Wednesday. This is my first time posting so please bear with me. A special thanks to Meredith for including me in her post on Face Book 🙂  After you’ve read my post, please take the time to visit the others joining me today. This tasty tidbit is from ‘Wild for You’ Have a great day!

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“Look at me.” Nathan hadn’t shouted, yet the command was still there. She met his eyes. “Demure doesn’t suit you. A woman’s temper doesn’t frighten me in the least.” He swallowed a mouthful of coffee, set the cup down and ran his thumb up and down the curved handle. “Especially if she’s a beautiful woman in need of a firm hand.”

Bonnie envied the coffee cup he was stroking. She eyed those hands and jealously hit hard. No doubt a man as handsome as he had had his fair share of women. How many women had been lucky enough to lie over his thighs, feel the weight of his palm? “Mr. Holt, are you implying that I need a firm hand?”

“All females need a firm hand at one time or another. Some learn from the very first spanking they received from their pa, some like to push for more.” He lowered his voice. “I’m thinking you like to push for more. Am I right?”

Smooth as melted butter. Oh, he was good, so good she may have to go home and change her bloomers. She clenched her thighs. Time for a change of subject before she really embarrassed herself.  “I don’t know what you said to Mr. Fogerty, but he sure left in a hurry.”

If he noticed her evasion of the question he didn’t let on. “The man’s an idiot.”

“It was my fault. He used his fork for half the meal, then had the nerve to demand another one, saying it was dirty. I should’ve kept my mouth shut and got him another, instead I wiped it on the tablecloth and shoved it in his face. I’m doing my best to control my temper, but it’s not going all that well.”

“And why would you be doing that?” Nathan prompted.

“Mother says a man doesn’t want to come home to a temperamental wife at the end of a work day, that’s why.”

“Now, don’t go clumping us men all together. I don’t mean no disrespect, but I have to disagree with your Ma on that. Take a man’s point of view, mine anyway.  Coming home to a meek, prim wife doesn’t sound like all that much fun.” Her eyes widened. He leaned forward, green eyes sparkling, one corner of his mouth curved upward. “Don’t get me wrong, losing ones temper over every little thing isn’t all that attractive, but I have my own way of dealing with short tempers. If you were my wife, you’d be over my knee and spanked hard.”

Lordy, it was getting awfully hot in here. Bonnie wasn’t sure how to reply to that remark. She ached between her legs something awful. She couldn’t focus on anything else but the image he had created in her mind. “Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack. Do you want to know what else I think?”

A proper lady would get up and walk away, but Bonnie couldn’t move a muscle even if she wanted to. She licked her lips. “What?”

“I think you are a woman in dire need of physical correction.

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Saturday Spankings

Another Saturday is upon us and that means it’s time for Saturday Spanks. Release date for ‘Wild for You’, is June 23. I picked out my cover so now all I have to do is wait until Blushing Books fixes it up and then I can share. Yay! I love covers. My contribution this week is from ‘Wild for You’.

Because of her jealousy, Bonnie had placed Charlotte in harms way. Charlotte forgave her, but she’s having a tough time forgiving herself. Never punished for her nasty deed, Nathan offers to rectify the situation and Bonnie takes him up on it.

So, does your offer still stand?” Bonnie asked.

            “That depends. Is this the proper lady who bought me lunch standing in front of me or the naughty girl in need of correction.”

            She flushed. “The naughty girl,” she whispered softly.

            “The naughty girl… what?”

            Lord, he wanted her to say it. “The naughty girl in need of correction.”


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Saturday Spankings

Hi all, welcome to #Saturday #Spanks. This week I’m sharing a snippet from my first story with Blushing Books, ‘Just Right for Me’. Don’t forget to click on the list below my post for some sexy snippets. Have a great weekend!

Mia and Ross are giving their relationship another shot. Mia can’t help but be jealous of Ross’s ex-girlfriend and lets him know about it 🙂

Mia rubbed her nose in his chest hairs. “I don’t want to land in jail for assault, because if
I see her I’ll yank her hair out.” His chest shook and Mia smacked his belly. “I’m serious,
Ross. She’s lucky she didn’t leave the restaurant bald that day we saw each other.”
With ease, he flipped her over on her back and tunneled his fingers through her hair. He
nipped her bottom lip. “You are a wildcat, aren’t you?”
“Damn straight.”

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Saturday Spankings


Welcome to another #Saturday #Spanks. Today I’m sharing 8 ( a teeny bit more) sentences from my new book, ‘Wild for You’, the sequel to ‘Charley’s Pride’. It’s now in the hands of my publisher, Blushing Books. Yay! Can’t get any better than that. Please take the time to visit the list of authors below my post for some more sexy snips. Have a great weekend ❤

Setting the scene:

Although all had been forgiven, Bonnie still suffered from a bad case of the guilts. She’d been downright nasty to a woman who turned out to be the half sister of a man she found herself physically attracted too. The fact that she had no idea Charlotte and Nathan were related didn’t lessen the burden of her conscience. For two years, Bonnie dreamed of the day Nathan Holt would return to Swiftwater. She craved to be turned over his knee, to the feel his rough hands upon her body, correcting her, punishing her. Bonnie was used to getting her own way, but Nathan wasn’t a man to be dictated to.

            “You’re tying me up?” She glanced around at the bales of straw.  “I thought you were just going to, you know, put me over your knee and use your hand.”

           “Are you telling me how I should punish you?” He asked sternly, avoiding her question. The low rumble of his voice made her sex ooze even more. How embarrassing. Her bloomers were sopping wet.

            “No, of course not.” She shifted on her knees, the slight movement carried the scent of her arousal to her nose.

            “You’re a woman full of fire. I’m a man who’s not stupid.”

            “I never said you were stupid.”

            “Do you really expect me to believe you won’t put up a fight while I’m blistering your ass?”







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Saturday SpankingsHowdy! Good news. ‘Wild for You’, my sequel to ‘Charley’s Pride’ has been accepted by Blushing Books. YAY! As soon as I get the cover art I’ll share. I picked a hot blond cowboy;) Woohoo. (Shirtless, of course 🙂 CP was a sweet romance, but WFY is spicy hot! This week, I’m sharing 8 unedited sentences from ‘Wild for You’, Nathan and Bonnie’s story. Check the list below my post for more delicious teasers. Have a great day!

Setting the scene: For too long, Bonnie had dreamed about seeing Nathan Holt again and here he was, in the flesh.

There was no mistaking that handsome face, rakishly long blond hair and piercing green eyes. Buzzing sounded in her ears. Dear Lord, she felt faint.

 “Hello, Bonnie, it’s nice to see you again.”

His lazy drawl sent goosebumps up and down her arms. Her knees knocked beneath her dress. Nathan Holt was absolutely gorgeous from the top of his head to the very tips of his worn boots, not to mention everything else in between. Muscles and bumps were where they were supposed to be. She swallowed hard. She sure wouldn’t mind exploring those bumps a lot closer. 

So, how do you think Nathan and Bonnie’s first meeting went? Smooth?  Don’t bet on it.





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Saturday Spankings


Welcome again to another Saturday Spanks. My sequel to ‘Charley’s Pride’, is just about ready for submission. CP’s secondary characters are, Nathan Holt and Bonnie Blakely. Bonnie hated Charlotte on sight, mainly because she believes Charlotte took Slade, a sexy as hell rancher away from her. Bonnie plans her revenge by paying Nathan a visit in jail and telling him Charlotte ‘Charley’ had them all fooled.

Nathan’s not a happy camper. So what if he stopped a stage? No one was hurt or killed, but the town sheriff orders him to leave town. It just didn’t make sense.

Setting the scene: This is the first time Nathan and Bonnie meet in ‘Charley’s Pride.’

Nathan’s in jail and Bonnie brings him his last meal before he is set to be released. She tells him that Charley, the young boy on the stage was really a female by the name of Charlotte. Nathan is stunned and when Bonnie asks him to punish Charlotte, he becomes angry, demanding to know why.

He wagged a finger at her. “Come on, little girl, tell me the truth.”
“Stop calling me a little girl.”
He chuckled. “Let me guess. I bet this Charlotte took your boyfriend away and you’re hoping I go after her and teach her a lesson. Am I right?” Bonnie pursed her lips and he grinned. “I knew it.”
“That’s not it at all.”
“Would you like to know what I do to little girls who tell lies?”

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Saturday SpankingsWelcome to #Sat #Spanks! I’ve been MIA for a while. Working on ‘Wild for You’, my sequel to ‘Charley’s Pride‘ and I’m happy to say it’s just about finished. Some polishing up is needed. Charley’s Pride’, is more on the sweet side, but ‘Wild for You’ is spicy hot. ;). If you’ve read CP, you’ll remember the secondary characters, Nathan Holt and Bonnie Blakely. Nathan and Bonnie have only one brief scene is CP, but the two were immediately attracted to one another.

Turns out that, Nathan and Charlotte aka ‘Charley’, are brother and sister. Something they both didn’t know. Once things get rolling, I’ll be sure to share some snippets. Today my eight sentences are from Charley’s Pride and her tangle with Nathan.  Don’t forget to check out the list below my post for some more snippets. Have a great weekend!

Setting the scene,

Nathan holds up the stage Slade and Charley are riding on. So far, no one’s guessed Charley is a female. Nathan really isn’t a bad guy and decides to let them go, but Charlotte doesn’t like bullies. This wasn’t her first clash with the ‘bandit’, but she couldn’t let him leave without telling him what she thought about his bullish ways.

“Hey you, big man with the gun.”

Nathan halted in his tracks and swung around. “You can’t be talking to me, kid.” He sounded shocked and looked surprised.
“Want to bet?” Charlotte marched up to him and stood nose to nose. “You shot at this stage, bullied Basil and for what? Just for some sick fun?” She kicked him in the shins. “How’s this for fun?”

Of course, Poor Slade is wincing right about now. They had a chance to get away and the Charley blew it.


Separated from her father for ten years, Charlotte was determined to leave Boston and travel to Kansas with or without her mother’s permission. Propriety be damned! If it wasn’t proper for a young girl to travel alone, she would disguise herself as a boy.

A man was considered lucky if he had a steady job,  a roof over his head and an obedient wife. Ranch foreman Slade Hazard already had two out of the three. A couple of docile ladies lived in Swiftwater, Kansas, and would fit his needs nicely. He might not be in love, but he’d be a faithful husband, a good provider and hopefully, in due time, a father. Yep, he knew exactly what he wanted, that is, until he met Charlotte “Charley” Henry.

The train ride to Cheyenne had gone off without a hitch, just as Charlotte thought it would. The jaunt on the stage taking her to Swiftwater, Kansas, should be a cinch.  Even better, the tall, broad shouldered man sharing the stagecoach was a dream come true. A pity she couldn’t reveal her true gender to the handsome Slade Hazard, and try a bit of flirting. Then the stagecoach is held up by a trio of bandits. Slade is determined to keep the passengers safe, even if he has to threaten the unruly ‘boy’ with a good strapping.

Charley’s sassy mouth lands her into trouble and when the truth of her gender is in danger, she has no choice. She must reveal herself to Slade.

Charlotte had never been spanked in her entire life, but Slade soon remedies the matter more than once. Her dream man wouldn’t dare take her across his knee, but would she be content with a man she could run roughshod over?

Slade thought he knew what he had wanted in a wife, but he actually enjoys sparring with the fiery redhead. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? When Charlotte disappears just as the prisoner is released, more than one man fears for her safety. But who will find her first?