There are some things in life that only a bullet will fix.

early-sins-websizeEarly Sins (Dangerous Games Book 0)

by Jennifer Bene

Word Count: 103, 022

Amazon Page Count: 390

Buy Link Amazon US:

Price: $2.99 (Free on Kindle Unlimited)



 Before Camille Devereaux knew how to kill, before she could even hold a gun – she was a tortured girl with a dark past and only one purpose in life. To destroy the men who had taken her.

When she walked into his world Smith wasn’t sure what to expect from the tiny, blonde waif – but it definitely wasn’t the sharp-tongued anger eating her alive. Determined, beautiful, and destined for catastrophe if he doesn’t intervene – Smith takes her in.

As he guides her deeper and deeper into a world of brutal training, bullets, and blood she discovers that this gun-toting, male model gorgeous, guardian angel of death might just be her only hope at vengeance. But their constant companionship is more than professional, and the tension between them is growing as fast as her skill, and there’s only so much Smith can do to ignore his own feelings as Camille ticks off the names on her list one by one.

Discover the dark history that started the world of ‘Dangerous Games’ in this exciting, sexy, action-packed, erotic thriller that will keep you turning pages to find out what happens next!


Short Snippet (NC-17)

With a low rumble in his chest he kicked his boxers off and climbed onto the bed, his knees pushing hers wide, and he held her hands to the bed over her head. “Keep these here. No matter what.”


“Shh. No questions.” Sitting up between her legs she had trouble focusing on what he was doing because his rigid cock stood up from his hips, begging her to taste him, or draw him inside her – but instead, he wiped a chocolate covered finger across one nipple and then the other.

“The fuck?” She opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing, but he slipped two fingers between her lips, silencing her with the sinful taste of chocolate on her tongue. As she rested back against the bed, keeping her hands where he’d placed them, his mouth surrounded one nipple and drew on it. Camille moaned against his fingers, but he teased her further, flicking his tongue against the tight bud as his hips rested between her thighs, his cock brushing against her baiting her further towards an orgasm that he seemed committed to withhold for now. “Mmthh!” she begged around his fingers, and he switched to the other nipple as he adjusted his hand to grasp her by the neck, keeping her laid back as he licked the chocolate from her.

“Do you know what it’s been like watching all these men drool over you in that damn sundress all day?” His lips returned to her nipple as soon as he’d spoken and her back arched under him.

“You fucking love that dress!” A whimper escaped her as he bit down lightly, before teasing her once more, his hips shifting against her in a mockery of what she really wanted.

“I do. Seeing other men enjoy it makes me feel a little…” Smith leaned up and captured her lips, his hand moving into her hair to hold her to the bed as his tongue clashed with hers – a swirl of chocolate and sex and need. “Possessive.”

“Then take me,” she growled back, and he captured her lips again, his thighs spreading hers further, and then his cock brushed against her.


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