Demanding man with Particular tastes…hmm

BJ Wane is here today sharing a snippet from ‘Her Master at Last’. Hi, BJ, it’s nice to have you on my blog today. Let’s not keep the readers waiting. The blurb sounds very intriguing and the excerpt…*fans self*, well, I’m sure the readers will certainly agree that it sounds hot! Congrats on your release! Absolutely gorgeous cover. Sexy covers are my weakness 😉



Over the years since she first met Jack Sinclair, Morgan Tomlinson has developed quite a crush on him. As a girl she swore she would marry him one day, and as a twenty-seven-year-old woman with her life seemingly spiraling out of control she rushes to him for comfort. When she ends up stranded at his mountain retreat during a snowstorm, Morgan knows this may be the best shot she will ever have to make Jack see that she is not a little girl anymore.


Though he is well aware that Morgan has grown up to be a beautiful woman, Jack is a demanding man with particular tastes which he fears would be too much for her. She proves determined to test him, however, and when she disobeys him one too many times Jack decides it is time to take Morgan in hand.


By the time she realizes she has pushed Jack too far, it is already too late, and before she knows it Morgan has been pulled over his knee for a painful, embarrassing, and very public bare-bottom spanking. Though the humiliating punishment shocks her, it also excites her in a way she has never felt before, and despite her blushing cheeks and sore bottom Morgan cannot help longing for Jack to master her completely.


Impressed by her response to his stern chastisement, Jack sets out to teach Morgan what it would mean to truly belong to him, and with each passing day she surrenders her body more fully to his practiced dominance. But when her wealthy, snobbish family seeks to destroy her blossoming romance, will Morgan run away from Jack as she has run away from so many things before in her life, and if she does, will he chase after her and fight to keep her?


Publisher’s Note: Her Master at Last is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including a threesome, anal play, exhibitionism, BDSM content, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book


Following his look, Morgan saw the mirrored wall opposite the king size bed.  “Uh, Jack, I said I was okay with Marc watching us.  That doesn’t mean I want to watch.”  The thought of seeing her less than perfect body next to his left her unsettled.

“I do, and it’s my wishes that matter.  Strip and kneel facing the mirror, legs spread wide.  I’ll be right back.”

His tone brooked no argument, which only seemed to turn her on more.  Unbuttoning the shirt, she tossed it on the bed before going to her knees, keeping her eyes averted from her image in the mirror.  When Jack returned carrying a round, leather paddle and a small white tube, her nipples puckered even tighter and she could feel her copious juices seep from between her swollen lips, coating her thighs.  Through the mirror, she watched Jack strip, her heart tripping as it always did at the sight of his thickly muscled body.  When he knelt behind her, the hairs on his chest and legs tickled her, their rough abrasiveness exciting.  Leaning back against him, she closed her eyes, moaning when his hands clasped her breasts.

“No, I want you to watch me pleasure you.  Open your eyes,” he demanded.

Morgan opened her eyes and watched him fondle her breasts, his hands dark against her lighter skin, his fingers grasping her nipples as his head dipped to the side to kiss her neck.  Though she’d never cared to look at her naked body, right now she enjoyed the sight of his hands on her, loved the way he could arouse her within seconds of touching her, relished the way he knew her body and seemed to crave it as much as she did his.

“See how beautiful you are, Morgan?  How your nipples respond to my touch?”  Moving one hand in a slow, tantalizing caress down her waist, he palmed her pussy.  “How wet you are, wet and swollen and eager for my cock.”  He slid his middle finger between her slick folds, enjoying the feel of her warm sheath and her increasing heartbeat beneath his other hand.

Thrusting into his hand, she begged, “Jack, please, quit tormenting me.”

“Tsk, tsk.  That’s not the proper way to address me, now is it?”  He shifted his hand from between her legs, around her hip, to palm her right buttock.  “That’s your second infraction.  The first was your tone earlier.  Turn sideways on your hands and knees.  Now.”

Morgan quivered as she moved into position, her breath snagging when he reached for the paddle and knelt behind her.

“Watch in the mirror while I paddle your pretty ass, Morgan.”

She didn’t want to, but she dared not disobey him when he used that tone.  Turning her head, she winced as he brought the paddle down on her left buttock, cringing at the sight of her fleshy cheek.  She cried out with the next swat, the hot sting followed with blossoming heat across her cheek, the burn going straight to her pussy.  Another swat landed on her other cheek and then back to the left side.  Slow and methodical, he alternated between soft and hard smacks, wringing gasps of pleasure/pain from her as he turned her entire backside into a flaming mass of burning flesh.  Lost in the throes of painful bliss, she closed her eyes, lifting her ass for each stroke even though she whimpered when it struck.  With her concentration on her buttocks, on accepting the pain and the pleasure she got from it, she didn’t notice Marc entering the room.  It wasn’t until she opened her eyes and saw him standing in front of her, naked, his hard cock in his hand, his eyes watching Jack’s ministrations.


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