‘Just Right for Me’ #DD romance #spanking #Blushingbooks

justrightformeWhen Ross Garrison returned to Pennsylvania, Mia finds that she’s still head over heels in love with the dark haired, sexy male. But the young man who had fled from the bite of her short temper years ago had been replaced with a confident commanding no nonsense kind of guy. The type of guy she swore she’d never fall for. But when he suggests they give their relationship another shot coupled with a dose of Domestic Discipline on the side, the image of her lying face down over his firm thighs is way too tempting to ignore. Besides, there was nothing wrong with a playful spanking now and again. But Mia’s about to learn just how serious Ross regarded their second chance and rules are rules.


“Mia! What did I tell you about leaving your shoes lying around where someone can trip over them? Damn woman, I almost went through the shower wall.” Footsteps pounded toward her room.

Uh oh. With a squeak Mia dove back into bed and pulled the blankets up over her head. The footsteps ended at the foot of her bed and she squeezed her eyes shut. Maybe he’d believe she had fallen asleep and by morning she’d cook him a hearty breakfast and everything would be forgotten. Ross did love her cooking.

Mia tensed and stayed as still as she could.  It was roasting under the blankets and she wasn’t sure how long she could hold out. She bit her lip as a bead of sweat trickled down between her breasts. Unable to take the heat any longer she shoved the blankets to her waist. “How dare you come into my room without knocking, you louse.” Her eyes widened in shock as the ‘louse’ stood there wearing a pair of boxers and nothing else. What a magnificent chest. He held a pink sneaker in one hand, but her attention dropped to the enticing bulge tenting those boxers.

“Oh, this louse is about to dare a lot more.” He stalked out of the room only to come back with the blanket and pillow she had left on the couch. He dropped them on the chair in the corner of the room. “Thanks, but I won’t need these tonight or any other night.”

“The hell you won’t.”

“That’s strike three.

“Last I heard one and two came before three,” she fired back angrily.

“Are you deliberating testing me, young lady?” Did he honestly expect her to answer that question? “Strike one, you left your shoes lying around. Strike two is for swearing. It’s not ladylike.”

“Screw lady like and don’t lecture me on where I put my shoes and you are not sleeping in here so get that thought right out of your head.” Winded, Mia took a deep breath. “What’s strike three?” She had to ask.

Ross shook his head in dismay. “Ordering me out of your bedroom. Geez, you’re starting off this night with a bang for sure. Did you forget about our agreement already? You’d follow the rules and the rules include putting things where they belong.”

He had her there. She did agree to the rules. “Can’t we start this agreement tomorrow?”  Hopefully he’d relent. The bulging vein at the side of his right temple could pop at any moment and her butt would surely pay the price.

“Nope.  And what’s with the outraged ‘maiden’ act? We slept together before. How is our relationship supposed to work if we don’t resume where we had off?” He had the audacity to wink.

Mia saw red. So that’s what this so called trial relationship was all about. He wanted sex. Heedless of her short silk nighty she scrambled to her feet and stood on the bed, her hands fisted on her hips. “Why you low down bastard. That’s why you wanted to try again. You want sex.” She hopped off the bed like a bunny, stomped over to the doorway and swung the door wide open. “Get out. If it’s a casual fuck you’re looking for then go after your Barbie doll.” She stopped to catch her breath and made the mistake of gloating right in his face. A shiver of apprehension shimmied down her spine. Oh my, a tic now joined the vein and both were throbbing in unison.

Ross took one step toward her and Mia let out a scream. He raised his brows. “Save your voice, I haven’t even touched you…yet”

us: http://amzn.to/1fyHH96

uk: http://amzn.to/1g14yeu




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