#SexyCowboy…check. #Rope…check #Spanking…you got it!

Saturday Spankings


Welcome to another #Saturday #Spanks. Today I’m sharing 8 ( a teeny bit more) sentences from my new book, ‘Wild for You’, the sequel to ‘Charley’s Pride’. It’s now in the hands of my publisher, Blushing Books. Yay! Can’t get any better than that. Please take the time to visit the list of authors below my post for some more sexy snips. Have a great weekend ❤

Setting the scene:

Although all had been forgiven, Bonnie still suffered from a bad case of the guilts. She’d been downright nasty to a woman who turned out to be the half sister of a man she found herself physically attracted too. The fact that she had no idea Charlotte and Nathan were related didn’t lessen the burden of her conscience. For two years, Bonnie dreamed of the day Nathan Holt would return to Swiftwater. She craved to be turned over his knee, to the feel his rough hands upon her body, correcting her, punishing her. Bonnie was used to getting her own way, but Nathan wasn’t a man to be dictated to.

            “You’re tying me up?” She glanced around at the bales of straw.  “I thought you were just going to, you know, put me over your knee and use your hand.”

           “Are you telling me how I should punish you?” He asked sternly, avoiding her question. The low rumble of his voice made her sex ooze even more. How embarrassing. Her bloomers were sopping wet.

            “No, of course not.” She shifted on her knees, the slight movement carried the scent of her arousal to her nose.

            “You’re a woman full of fire. I’m a man who’s not stupid.”

            “I never said you were stupid.”

            “Do you really expect me to believe you won’t put up a fight while I’m blistering your ass?”







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