#Saturday #Spanks! #Historical #Western #Cowboys ;)

Saturday Spankings


Welcome again to another Saturday Spanks. My sequel to ‘Charley’s Pride’, is just about ready for submission. CP’s secondary characters are, Nathan Holt and Bonnie Blakely. Bonnie hated Charlotte on sight, mainly because she believes Charlotte took Slade, a sexy as hell rancher away from her. Bonnie plans her revenge by paying Nathan a visit in jail and telling him Charlotte ‘Charley’ had them all fooled.

Nathan’s not a happy camper. So what if he stopped a stage? No one was hurt or killed, but the town sheriff orders him to leave town. It just didn’t make sense.

Setting the scene: This is the first time Nathan and Bonnie meet in ‘Charley’s Pride.’

Nathan’s in jail and Bonnie brings him his last meal before he is set to be released. She tells him that Charley, the young boy on the stage was really a female by the name of Charlotte. Nathan is stunned and when Bonnie asks him to punish Charlotte, he becomes angry, demanding to know why.

He wagged a finger at her. “Come on, little girl, tell me the truth.”
“Stop calling me a little girl.”
He chuckled. “Let me guess. I bet this Charlotte took your boyfriend away and you’re hoping I go after her and teach her a lesson. Am I right?” Bonnie pursed her lips and he grinned. “I knew it.”
“That’s not it at all.”
“Would you like to know what I do to little girls who tell lies?”

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15 thoughts on “#Saturday #Spanks! #Historical #Western #Cowboys ;)

  1. Makes me wonder if he’s still behind bars. If so, then I suspect Bonnie would be more likely to stick her tongue out at him than be nervous at his not-so-subtle threat. Cute snippet.

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