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Welcome to the COLD NIGHTS, HOT READS blog hop! ‘The steamier sides of romance’. Click the linky list below my post to visit the other authors participating in this hop and Be sure to click on the RAFFLECOPTER links for a chance to win some cash! Good luck and thanks for stopping by 🙂

I love reading and writing spanking romance, especially hot and sexy cowboys. When I was invited to participate in The Sons of Johnny Hastings Historical Western box set for Blushing Books, I jumped at the chance to join bestselling authors, Patty Devlin, Patricia Green, Renee Rose and Maddie Taylor. There were five sons in all. My son is Matthew Caine, a swoon worthy rancher. Annie Dobbs is his next door neighbor, a spoiled brat. During her growing up years, Matt considers her a nuisance, that is until the spoiled brat blossoms into a beautiful woman. They fall in love and marry. Matt believes in old fashioned discipline and Annie has a tendency to get into trouble, but he has a way of making her feel better after a punishment.

EXCERPT from ‘To Have and To Scold’,

Let’s get this punishment over with.” His hand lit a fire across her bottom. Annie yelped, but he didn’t stop. There wasn’t a place on her bottom that had escaped his firm hand. She dangled over his thighs and sobbed her heart out.
Matt picked her up by the waist and set her none too gently on his knee. “I nearly beat Lloyd to a pulp when he told me you were working in a saloon. I thought he was lying.”
Annie scrubbed her tears away with the backs of her hands. “That figures, Lloyd and his
big mouth.” She leaned into his shoulder and closed her eyes. Matt bent his head and licked one
nipple, then the other. Annie’s eyes shot open and she watched her nipple disappear into his
mouth and he began to suckle. She sighed in delight.
* * * * *
It had taken all of Matt’s self-control to keep his gaze focused on his wife’s face while she
had been naked before him and had answered his question in full detail. Her punishment had
been necessary. It cleared the air between them and enforced his rule. He was the head of the
household. Even though he had given Lloyd a beating for calling Annie a whore, he had to be
grateful to the man for revealing where she went in order to hide from her stepfamily.
With the matter of his wife’s chastisement behind them, Matt adjusted her on his lap so
that her legs bracketed his hips and they faced each other. She leaned into him and he stroked the length of her upper body.

“You take my breath away, Mrs. Caine.”
He honestly didn’t know where to look or touch first. Annie was a beauty. Her breasts
were full, topped with peach colored nipples just begging to be sucked. The skin on her belly
was as soft as her supple thighs. His fingers trailed downward and tugged on the tight little
nubbin peeking out at the top of her sex. His breathing intensified as the flange of flesh swelled
with each pull and the smell of her sex filled his nostrils. Craving for a taste of her skin, he
suckled first one nipple and then took the other into his mouth. His cock rose upward and nudged her pussy. He gritted his teeth and fought for control. Making love to her this way was not an option. She deserved a soft bed for her first time.

Annie shuddered and threw back her head, rubbing herself against his hard length, seeking something more. Matt continued to play her clit and licked the long column of her throat. Her legs began to shake. She was close to climax and he smothered her screams with his mouth.
With her legs still wrapped around him, he ever so gently got to his feet. He laid her on
the bed and covered her pliant curves with the hardness of his male flesh. He stroked her hair and the side of her face. He pressed a path of light kisses along the silky skin that adjoined her neck to her shoulder and made his way toward her breasts once more. He dropped a loud kiss on each nipple before tonguing his way to her navel and down to her pelt of auburn curls. She stiffened and he quickly altered his course, making his way back to her breasts and the scented valley between the twin mounds. Her woman’s scent was both sweet and tangy and tickled his nostrils.
He fought the desire to latch his mouth onto her pretty pink pussy and devour her. He’d wait until she wasn’t so skittish.
Annie’s head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. Matt insinuated himself between her
legs. He balanced himself on his forearms so he didn’t crush her and nipped each pebble hard
nipple. “Open your mouth for me, Darlin’.” Annie did as he asked and he thrust his seeking
tongue inside to taste her honeyed warmth. She moaned and grabbed his shoulders to pull him
closer. Her nipples pressed into his chest and it was Matt’s turn to moan. “That’s it, Darlin’ rub
those gorgeous tits against me. Now open your legs the same way you opened your sweet mouth,
nice and wide.” Annie knees fell apart. “That’s my girl. It’ll hurt a bit, but I promise to make you
feel real good so stay with me, ok?”

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