#Sat #Spanks #Corner time


Saturday Spankings

It’s time for #Sat #Spanks weekly blog hop. Check out the list below my post for more hot snippets. My eight sentences are from ‘Just Right for Me’, my very first book with #Blushingbooks. Have a great weekend!


Mia Adam’s disapproved of her sister’s Domestic Discipline marriage, but when her old flame comes back to town and suggests they give domestic discipline a whirl she changes her mind.  She still regrets the day she had lost her temper and sent Ross Garrison running for the hills.  She’d do anything for a second chance.

Ross Garrison returned to Pennsylvania to attend his aunt’s funeral and hopefully get a second chance with the woman who had stolen his heart so long ago. Mia possessed a temper to rival the devil and had a penchant for jumping to conclusions, but Ross was no longer the young man who avoided drama as much as possible. He had matured during his stint in the Marines and was quite capable of taming his wildcat with a good old-fashioned spanking or two.

Mia’s childhood lacked love and discipline and the uncle she thought would always be there for her had betrayed her in the worst possible way. Could she put aside her trust issues and allow Ross to know what was good for her even though her bottom would more than likely suffer the consequences?

Mia swore she wouldn’t jump to the wrong conclusion, but she still has a long way to go. Ross felt he had been too easy on her in the past and was determined to show her he meant business.

“Stick your nose in that corner and lift up your shirt. I want this punished bottom on display. And no rubbing.”
Mia’s heart pounded in her ears. She hesitated, shocked that he would embarrass her this way.
“Is there a problem?”
Their gazes locked and held. Ross’s brows were drawn together in an agonized
expression, his blue eyes filled with regret, which had Mia lowering her head in shame.

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