Saturday SpankingsHappy New Year! So far so good, lol. Welcome to Saturday Spanks, aka #Sat #Spanks, a weekly blog hop for spankos and spankees 😉 I’m sharing eight sentences <ahem> perhaps a smidgen more, but they’re short, from ‘To Have and To Scold.’ My story is book 5 in The Sons of Johnny Hastings box set. There are other post to enjoy so don’t forget to click on the link below my post.  Have a great weekend!

Annie’s been sweet on Matthew Caine ever since she was a young girl. Even though she’s a grown woman, he still considers her a little brat, that is until he catches her working in a saloon wearing a low cut dress and showing off her knees. Furious, he grabs a hold of her wrist, but she pulls free.

“You’re coming with me real peaceful like or else.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah,” he shot back and snatched hold of her wrist once again. “One more word and I’ll
turn you over my knee right here and tan you proper.”
Annie pursed her lips and gave his arm another yank. “You wouldn’t dare.”
He chuckled dryly. “How long have we been neighbors, Annie?” She opened her mouth
and he cut her off with a stern glower. “I’ve known you since the day you were born. You’ve
pestered me from the moment you began to walk. You know darn well that whenever I
threatened you with a spanking I made good on my threat, didn’t I?”


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