#Sat #Spanks “Take off your clothes.”

Saturday SpankingsAnother Christmas has come and gone and soon we’ll be celebrating the start of a new year. My, how time flies when we’re having fun. Speaking of fun, it’s time for #Sat #Spanks. Yay! Let’s continue where we left off on last weeks post. Mia had been a bad girl and Ross was left with no other option but to punish her. His aim was to teach her to take better care of herself. Mia was stunned when he reached for his belt and immediately covered her bottom with both hands. She asked if he truly meant to use his belt.

Ross folded the thick leather in half. “I’m afraid so. It’s the only way you’re going to learn what I say goes.”
Mia swallowed hard. His hands were strong of that she had no doubt, but with a belt, she was afraid he’d really hurt her.
“Mia, you need this chastisement just as much as I need to see your soft flesh punished.” He held out his hand.
Mia hesitated, then stepped forward and placed her palm in his. He led the way to the bedroom and stepped aside, motioning Mia to enter first. He closed the door. “Take off your clothes.”

Sounds like Ross means business 😉 Click here and visit my fellow spankos!



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