Saturday Spankings

Alrighty then, are you’re nerves rattled yet? Mine are. Christmas is just around the corner. Okay, take a deep breath, drink a bottle of wine and enjoy some steamy snippets cause it’s time for another round of Saturday Spanks. Yay! My post is from, ‘Charley’s Pride’ my latest release with Blushing Books.

So, Charlotte aka ‘Charley’ is on her way to Kansas disguised as a boy when the stagecoach she’s in gets ambushed. Guns are ablazin’. Slade, the hot cowboy sharing the ride, nearly gets his head shot off and the ‘unruly boy’ is getting on his last nerve by not listening to his orders.


“I thought I told you to stay down?”ย He delivered a sound whack to the seat of her pants. “Keep your nose to the floor.”

Charlotte sank to the floor. “Don’t yell me,” she snapped. “And don’t you dare strike my person again.” She reached under the seat and pulled out his hat. “Your poor hat has a hole in it.” She poked her finger through the ragged tear. “See?”

I think Charley’s gonna get it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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20 thoughts on “#SAT #SPANKS = WARM BOTTOMS :)

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  2. He’ll be all over the rest of her person in no time at all. This is sitting on my kindle but I’ve been sidetracked by Blushing Books 12 days of Xmas. Gonna have to bump this up, you know how I love those cowboys!

    • LOL, Maggie. Charlotte was born in Kansas but left for Boston with her mother when she was 7 so she was schooled in a ladylike fashion, which doesn’t last for long. LOL

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