#SAT #SPANKS “You are in so much trouble, Mrs. Caine.”



Saturday SpankingsHi. Welcome to another Saturday Spanks. Time sure is flying by. Sigh, soon Christmas will be here and gone.

If you recall, last week Annie came outside wearing a pair of pants. Matt had forbidden her to do so. He didn’t want the other men staring at his wife’s sexy backside, but Annie was in a mood and wore them anyway.


“You are in so much trouble, Mrs. Caine.”  He kept a tight hold on her upper arm and she had to run to keep up with him as he propelled her through the front yard and into the house.

Without taking his eyes off her Matt unbuckled his holster and set it on the small table next to the door. Annie swallowed hard when he didn’t stop there and reached for his belt buckle. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but it appears I’ve been lax in my duties as a husband.”

She winced at the sound of leather sliding through denim. Annie backed a step, then another and watched as Matt folded the belt carefully in half and held it tightly in his big hands. “Get upstairs and wait for me.” She hesitated.  “Now!”


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