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Saturday Spankings


Welcome to another Saturday Spanks Blog Hop. This week my snippet is from, ‘Just Right for Me’.

Nasty temper and jumping to the wrong conclusions was the worse of Mia’s faults and she knew it. She blamed herself for her break up with Ross Garrison years ago. Now he was back in town and she’d do anything to have him back in her life again. When Ross suggests they give Domestic Discipline a shot she readily agrees.  As they’re going over the rules she’s gets a little flustered when Ross reveals how he intended to punish her.

“I’m not so sure I like this spanking business. It sounds rather old-fashioned and a bit barbaric to me.” Despite her remark a flare of arousal burned low in her belly. A gorgeous man stood in her kitchen with broad shoulders, six pack abs, and a mouth that could easily tempt a saint. Ross Garrison was pure sex on a stick and he wanted her.

“Spanking may seem barbaric, but it’s effective. Believe me it does help rid any guilt one might be carrying around in their mind. My dad never spared the rod and neither did my aunt.”

Sounds like Ross knows what he’s talking about 😉 For more snippets, click here. Have a wonderful weekend ❤


9 thoughts on “#DomesticDiscipline #Blushing #Books

  1. I think that the sign of a spanko – some women would freak and give an unequivocal no! Those who think it’s old fashion, and discuss the fact that it seems barbaric are secretly interested.

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