Hi all! Working hard on my new Historical Western. Hope to have it finished soon. Here’s the working blurb:

Charly’s Pride   

Life was rough in the old west. A man considered himself mighty blessed if he had steady work, a strong horse and an obedient woman.  Rancher/Foreman Slade Hazard had two out of the three. All he needed was the woman and there were a couple of ladies in Bitterroot, Kansas that would fit his requirements. He may not be in love with any of these women, but he’d be a faithful husband, good provider and hopefully in due time, a father. Yep, he knew exactly what he wanted, that is, until he met Charlotte ‘Charly’ Henry.

When the tall, broad shouldered man stepped inside the stagecoach, Charlotte knew for sure he was her dream man come to life. Too bad she couldn’t reveal her true gender to the handsome Slade Hazard.

Despite her mother’s constant refusal, spunky Charlotte heads for Kansas disguised as a boy. Eleven years ago, she had promised her father that she’d come back to Kansas for a visit and she always kept her word.

All goes well until the stagecoach is held up by a trio of bandits. Slade is determined to keep the passengers safe even if he has to threaten the unruly ‘boy’ with a good strapping. Charly’s’ sassy mouth lands her into trouble and when the truth of her gender is in danger, she’s forced to reveal to Slade that ‘Charly’ is actually a woman.

Charlotte had never been spanked in her entire life, but Slade soon remedies the matter more than once. Her dream man wouldn’t dare take her across his knee, but would she be content to live a life with a man she could run roughshod over?

Slade thought he knew what he had wanted in a wife, but when he finds that he actually enjoys sparring with the blonde spitfire, he quickly changes his mind.

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