Sat Spanks/ The Sons of Johnny Hastings.


Woohoo! Not only is it time for SatSpanks, but it’s also release day for ‘The Sons of Johnny Hastings‘ Historical Western romance boxed set. It was fun collaborating with these four best selling authors, Patty Devlin, Patricia Green, Renee Rose and Maddie Taylor. Thanks ladies for the awesome experience. 

My contribution to the box set is titled, ‘To Have and To Scold.’ Don’t forget to click on the names below this post to view some more hot snippets. Have a great weekend!



Annie’s sweet on her neighbor, Matthew Caine, but the stern rancher treats her like a bratty child instead of a woman. Each encounter always ends with a trip over his knee.

Matthew’s fed up with Annie’s childish behavior. Her latest prank ruined a brand new pair of boots! While he sets her britches on fire, he refers to her as a nuisance and warns her to leave him alone. For once in her life, Annie obeys.

 ‘Bratty’ Annie has grown into a beautiful woman and Matthew realizes that he’s fallen in love with her, but she’s unsure of his feelings. When he learns about her stepmother’s evil plan to marry her off to a man Annie despises in order to settle a debt, he steps in and takes her to wife.

Annie’s happy to be married to the man of her dreams and learns that no matter what her age, her disobedience and sass will be dealt with an old-fashioned spanking.

Annie may be married to the man of her dreams, but she’s used to doing whatever she wants. That means no frilly dresses for her. She loves her britches, but Matt has something to say about that.

“Annie, only one of us will wear the pants in this marriage and that’s me. As for doing
what you want, that hasn’t changed unless it’s something dangerous, then you’ll do as I say. As
for those pants, you’re my wife and I won’t tolerate other men staring at what’s mine.” He
squeezed her bottom. “The men need to concentrate on their work, not your curvy little ass.”

Annie’s heart did a happy dance. He was jealous. “But what if I want to ride? A dress is
so bothersome and I like to ride astride.”

Do you think Matt will give in or will he turn her over his knee to get his point across?

The Sons of Johnny Hastings Box Set-






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