It’s Time for a Spanking!

Saturday Spankings


Welcome to another Saturday Spanks Blog Hop! My eight sentences are from , ‘Just Right for Me’. Be sweet and click on the names below my post to view more sexy snippets. Hey, you may find your next hot read! I know I did. Have a great weekend.

Ross and Mia are giving their relationship another try and both agreed to give Domestic Discipline a shot. So far so good. Usually, after Ross punishes Mia, he holds her close and offers her comfort for as long as she needs it, but not this time. This time she has gone too far with her tendency to jump to the wrong conclusions. That’s what had caused their break-up years ago. Ross was not going down that road again. He was going to nip things in the bud.

“Lesson learned?”
Mia wiped away the tears falling down her cheeks with the back of her hand and walked
slowly to the bed. Each step was agony. “Where do you think you’re going?”
Bewildered, she pointed to the bed. After a spanking she’d lay on her belly and he’d
make her feel better by rubbing aloe into her skin, but this time his stern tone coupled with the
frown on his face seemed to suggest otherwise. He took hold of her waist, spun her around and
pushed her toward the corner by the window. “Stick your nose in that corner and lift up your
shirt. I want this punished bottom on display. And no rubbing.”

I hope you enjoyed my snippet. Don’t forget to check out these awesome authors. Thanks:)


18 thoughts on “It’s Time for a Spanking!

  1. Interesting snippet and set up… the new, differences and reality of trying “DD this time around” is very forthright and visible in her reaction and feelings… and he is so into his new assumed role too… Loved this view of comparison presented here in this snippet

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  3. I can understand her confusion. Though the command is sexy, she may have trouble succeeding in her punishment. His motives are spot on, but I hope he explains things to her after and gives her the aftercare she’s used to. You certainly have my interest.

    • Jolynn, Ross cares very much and it’s Mia who realizes that by her hasty actions she could have lost Ross again and this time forever even though he swore he’d never leave her. 😉 No worries- he takes excellent care of her.

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