Saturday Spankings


It’s Saturday Spanks and I have a spanking new story out with none other than Blushing Books! *Happy Dance*. The rules are we post eight sentences from a published work or a work in progress. Some of us get a little naughty and squeeze in a bit more just to see if the headmistress is watching. Don’ forget to Click on the above pic to view the list of authors participating in this weeks blog hop. Have a great weekend!

Mia’s about to get her first spanking and she’s not taking it very well. Ross, on the other hand, is enjoying himself immensely. *winks* Typical male.

Mia wriggled and fought and scratched, but Ross’s strength outmatched hers. “Don’t fret
darling. This ass will be smoking hot by the time I’m through.” His warm palm rubbed light
circles over her bare bottom. “Not that your delectable bottom isn’t hot already. Mia, sweetheart,
you have the most beautiful, spankable ass. Do you know that?”

That’s it. Mia sank her teeth into his leg.

And that’s it for this week. Tune in next week, same spanking time, same spanking channel;)




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