Saturday Spankings



Yay, it’s time for another Saturday Spanks. I’m so excited. Blushing Books has contracted my story.  I love reading their books and I’m happy to be writing for them. My eight sentences are from ‘Just Right for Me.‘ I can’t wait to do a cover reveal. Be sweet and take a peek at the list of authors below this post. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Mia Adams hasn’t seen Ross Garrison for eight years. Imagine her surprise when she bumps into him at the local restaurant and sees him with a curvy blonde.

He was close, so close.

A hint of spice and pure male permeated the air and she was tempted to throw herself at him and bury her nose in his massive chest. No doubt the blonde with the fake boobs would have something to say about that. What she wouldn’t give to have a few minutes alone with the bitch. Her thoughts must have shown on her face because his mouth moved up to her ear and he whispered ever so softly,   “Still the hot tempered young lady prone to jumping to conclusions, aren’t you?  I think a trip over my knee could help with that.”

Did he just threaten to spank her?

Mortified, Mia lowered her eyes and choked back a nervous laugh. Ross had never resorted to physical intimidation before, so what had changed? 


35 thoughts on “IT’S PADDLIN’ TIME!!!

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  2. Congratulations on your upcoming new release, Mary. I really enjoy when couples reunite, and it sounds like this reunion could be a firey one.
    I’ll be keeping my eye out for that cover reveal.

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