Love Hurts

Hot book!!

Maren Smith

It’s here! It’s here! Five scintillating, never before published stories from five of your favorite spanking romance authors. One of whom has stopped by today to give us the skinny on her worst Valentine’s Day ever. But before she does, the boxed set is available right now on Amazon, Blushing Books and will pop up any day now on Barnes and Noble as well. This is a whopping 503 page volume available for a LIMITED TIME for only $9.99, so get it while you can! If you don’t want the boxed set, each of these stories is also available independently. 🙂


So Dinah, tell us about your story and about your worst Valentine’s Day ever.

Dinah: My worst Valentine’s was when I was in the fifth grade. My “boyfriend” had broken up with me when the new girl came to school, about three days before V-day. What made it…

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