Saturday Spankings


Yay, it’s Saturday and that means it’s time for Saturday Spanks. I’m absolutely thrilled. Blushing Books has contracted my new spanking story, ‘Just Right for Me’ and I’m sharing eight sentences with you today. Don’t forget to click on the pic above to view the list of authors participating in this weeks hop. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

Mia may have agreed to a spanking relationship, but she still tries to find ways to get around a punishment when she breaks a rule. She gets sick and Ross orders her to stay in bed and rest. Does she listen? Nope. As soon as he’s out the door she’s out of bed. But Ross doesn’t punish her while she’s sick, he waits until she feels a whole lot better. Several days pass by and Ross inquires on how she’s feeling. When she tells him ‘wonderful’ she’s shocked when he gets up from the couch, unbuckles his belt and politely informs her that she’s due a punishment.

“What punishment?”

He clicked his tongue in a condescending manner. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.” He shook his head sadly. “You went to the Dirty Dog Salon after I told you not to.”

Mia’s jaw dropped.  “That happened several days ago. Surely you’re not going to punish me now. It’s too late.”

Ross chuckled. “There’s no statute of limitations on a spanking, Mia.”

35 thoughts on “IT’S SATURDAY SPANKS!!

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  2. The Dirty Dog Salon? I want to know more about why she went there, especially while she wasn’t feeling well. The last line of your snippet made me giggle. Loved it. Congratulations on your new release, Mary! I’m wondering about the statue of limitations on her plea’s to get out of future spankings. ☺

  3. I love it when a guy makes sure his gal is healthy and fit before he dispenses punishments. He wants to teach a lesson, not cause more harm, right? And he’s right, there is no statute of limitations on when spankings are given. Congrats on the contract, Sue. I look forward to reading more.

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