Saturday Spankings


Here we are, another Saturday filled with hot spanking snippets to capture your attention and have you wishing you were the one lying across a pair of hard thighs.  These teasers are from some of the best romance authors I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with this past year. Participating with these fantastic writers is an honor and a dream come true. They are dedicated to bringing readers the most hot, sexy and satisfying stories and I’m proud to be included in their weekly blog hop. Be sweet and ‘CLICK’ on the pic above my post to view the list of participating authors. You may find your next read:) Enjoy!

My eight sentences are from ‘A Heart’s Endeavor‘.

Melanie had suffered years of verbal abuse from her first husband, Mike Manning. He blamed her for her sudden onset of ‘Clinical Depression’ and reminded her every day about how she was ruining their future with her ‘panic attacks’. Even when the medication kicked in and the ‘episodes’ were far and few in between he’d threaten to ‘put her away’  whenever she’d become angry or emotional so she had learned to keep her emotions to herself. Years after his death she still kept her feelings bottled up inside.

State trooper, Jack Horan loved Melanie and there was no way he’d allow her to keep her emotions to herself. If she was pissed about something he wanted to know and right now she was pissed. He could see by the tightening of her fists that she was fighting to keep her temper in check so he decided to give her a little ‘push’.

In this scene they were having a disagreement. Jack had every intention of turning her over his knee for her deliberately placing herself in danger and Melanie was fit to be tied. In her opinion a forty- something woman was too old to be spanked.

“What’s the matter, Mel? You want to yell at me? Hit me?” He made a sweeping gesture
with his hands. “Go ahead and give me your worse.”

Her brows narrowed. No doubt about it. She was definitely fighting a battle between remaining calm and biting his head off. Either way she was going to get a sound spanking for taking at least ten years off his life.

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  2. Very interesting story, Mary. I love how you describe her emotions of fighting to remain calm or biting his head off. The years of pain caused by her first marriage have obviously left her with some very conflicting emotions. Mike Manning is going to have his work cut out for him it seems.

  3. Sounds like he knows what he’s doing, and even though he intends to spank her for putting herself in danger, he wants her to feel free and open to express herself, even if it’s her displeasure. You’ve got to love a guy like that. Great snippet, Mary.

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