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 It’s Day 13 of the Took My Breath Away Book Blog Tour and I’m thrilled to be on Mary’s blog today! If you miss any days of the book blog tour, you can find links to them here.

 It’s Taboo…really? When my publisher put the term ‘taboo’ with my new book Took My Breath Away, I was startled. My first thought was, what is taboo about it? It can’t be the M/M aspect, or the spanking aspect. Then it occurred to me – it has to be the fact there is a spanking in here that unless you read it in context, might freak some people out.

 In this snippet, Logan has come to ask his father for help.

 “You are my son. I will always come rescue you if you need it, no matter where you are in this world. There will never come a day when you are too old for me to do so. Though there may come one where your partner will do it instead of me, and that I accept.

 “You know, Christian was all ready to come here by himself to get you? I figured I was best at dealing with my family, while he could take care of you.”

 Breathing slowly, Logan nodded. “He forgave me for something I said a few days ago, Dad, but I don’t know if I can forgive myself.”

 “Ah.” Gregory stroked his son’s head. “What did you say?”

 “I have been very vocal about having a boyfriend this whole time. But a couple nights ago, someone asked me about my necklace and I told them it was a gift from a friend.” Logan winced as he spoke. Every time he thought of it, it made him cringe.

 “Well, Christian is your friend as well as the man you love. And, Son, you were highly stressed and I can assume your grandparents and your uncle were there as well, watching. Logan, you were doing everything you could to be the perfect person they wanted you to be. Don’t blame yourself.”

 Snorting softly, Logan shook his head and pulled back, realizing his father was going to make him ask. “Dad, I need your help. Please, help me let go.”


TMBA_200x300Book Description:

Took My Breath Away
Sequel to As Natural As Breathing

 Length: Novel

Genre: Gay Spanking Romance

Series: All They Ever Needed


Sometimes taking control is what you need to do and sometimes the best thing you can do is give that control up.


In the summer between Logan’s junior and senior years of college, these two will find out more about each other and themselves than they imagined.

 While unhappy to be missing four weeks of Christian’s company, Logan is thrilled to spend a month with his father’s relatives in New York.  A naturally gregarious individual, he is used to winning people over and getting things right. Unfortunately, the Mannettes are not what he expects and for the first time in his life, he finds himself seriously doubting who he is.

 Christian has regained some of his old self-esteem and is taking on new challenges. Besides growing in the relationship he has with Logan, he takes the time his boyfriend is away to learn more about domestic discipline. He learns a little online but it is actually Gregory, Logan’s father, where he gains most of his information. Including the fact that his natural strength puts him in a leadership position he isn’t expecting.

 When Logan returns to a strong, self-assured Christian, it is with complete relief. As discussions turn to domestic discipline and they realize their true roles within their current and future relationship, both of them are able to let their inhibitions go and together their connection grows surprising Logan to an epiphany.

 You can find Took My Breath Away here.




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