Saturday SpankingsWelcome to another Saturday Spanks! This week I’m posting a snippet from my short story, ‘Callie’s Reckoning‘. This quick story would be ideal if you’re in a hurry and need a little ‘pick me up’ to get you through the rest of the day. Guaranteed it’ll warm your cheeks…lol, both sets. *winks* Don’t forget to ‘click’ on the link below my post to view our list of authors participating in this weekly blog hop. Have a wonderful weekend:)

Brandon is very very upset with his lady. Callie thinks she can take on the world without any repercussions. She’s willing to help anyone in trouble and goes so far as to place herself in danger. Her caring heart toward other people pleases Brandon, but not at the cost of her own safety. She had voiced her concerns and he had promised to deal with them but Callie is one impatient woman. It’s clear to him that his woman needs to be taught a lesson. Although it’s difficult to turn off his emotions he succeeds in handling Callie’s disobedience…with his belt.

CalliesReckoning_Cover3“Turn around.”
Callie did as she was told.With belt in hand, Brandon reached the bed in three determined strides.He situated his large frame on the mattress and patted his thighs. He was a force to be reckoned with. No matter how much she cried, there would be no reprieve this night. Callie hesitated for a moment. Once more she pleaded by blinking her tear filled eyes but Brandon’s demeanor remained stoic.

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15 thoughts on “BOTTOMS UP!

  1. Callie’s Reckoning appears to be a perfect title for this piece, and I feel for Callie. I hope Brandon isn’t too hard on her, since I’m already wincing. Great snippet, Mary Sue.

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