Saturday SpankingsWelcome to another round of #SATURDAY #SPANKS #SAT #SPANKS. This is my fav blog hop. Sexy stern men trying their best to hold onto their patience and sassy ladies hoping they lose the battle;) Woohoo! Don’t forget to click on the link below to view the list of other authors participating in this weeks hop. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

My eight sentences are from, ‘Her Heart’s Desire’, due out August 19th. My heroine, Sara has earned herself a spanking only her husband had injured his wrist and can’t deliver a proper punishment.  Cade’s brother, Reese is all too willing to ‘lend a hand’. Sara jumps at the chance to lie across her sexy-as-sin brother-in-law’s lap, but will he be gentle or make Cade’s punishments ‘feel’ like love taps?

Reese wiggled his finger. “Come here, Sara.”
Sara darted a nervous glance in her husband’s direction. No sign of sympathy on his finely chiseled face and why should there be? She had agreed to a HOH marriage. It was what she wanted. She’d take what Reese dished out. On leaden feet Sara closed the distance between her and Reese.

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28 thoughts on “BOTTOMS UP!

  1. As much as Sara believes she’s taking the less painful route, she has more guts than I. Cade and Reese are brothers, and a blood line isn’t the only thing they share. Sara is in for some discomfort from her handsome brother-in-law, and Cade isn’t about to rescue her. Intriguing plot line, Mary Sue. Congrats on your upcoming release.

  2. Oh… Mary, I’m hooked already. Can hardly wait to see how this spanking turns out. And especially to see how she handles being spanked by her brother-in-law. Will she take it as an extension of her husband’s hand? Or will she look at Reese in a new way. (Reese is a GREAT name, btw.)

  3. She may enjoy the idea of this sexy lap, but I have a feeling the spanking is not something she’s going to completely enjoy. Looking forward to reading more.

  4. Oh so naughty in more ways than one. There are so many kink elements here that i can’t begin but I’ll try. Let’s call it the pseudo-incestual-voyeuristic-menage allure. It is hot!!!

  5. A sexy husband, AND a sexy brother in law? My tummy did a flip-flop just thinking of her prostrating herself over his lap. Oh lordy, and Reese is going to watch her get spanked too.
    Wonderful teaser Mary.

    • Thanks so much, LA,but it’s Reese who’ll be doing the spanking and her husband will be the one watching. Sorry. I may not have made that clear enough. I really need to concentrate and remember that I already know the story but the reader doesn’t:)

  6. Argh, Mary Sue, you’re teasing us again…Come on I want to see what happens when she gets there.
    Look forward to this being released after your teasing snippets.

  7. Such an interesting starting point- an injured wrist and a gorgeous brother-in-law? I think sometimes the fear of the unknown- like how rough Reese’s spanking will be- is the best/worst part 😀

    • Mine did too while writing it. LOL, hubs asked if I needed any help with the ‘research’. He didn’t know this story was a threesome. I told him I’d need another guy. He just shook his head and walked away:D

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