Saturday Spankings

Woohoo, it’s Saturday and that means we get to blog hop and read some sexy snippets about a spanking in progress, a threat of a spanking or a lead up to a good old-fashioned paddling. Don’t forget to click on the words ‘Click here’ below this post to view the list of other participating authors. You may just find your next read!

My eight sentences are from ‘A Heart’s Endeavor‘.  Melanie’s convinced that Jack( who, by the way, is a hot state trooper and yes, he is at her house in his full state trooper regalia and he’s not in a very good mood) wants nothing to do with her because he now knows that she suffers from panic attacks. Melanie’s first husband had ridiculed her constantly and called her a mental case because she needed to take a daily anti-depressant . Even though he had passed away over a year ago, she’s still ashamed that she must rely on a pill to help her make it through the day. Well, Jack’s about to set her straight.

“Don’t stand there and act all Neanderthal and tell me what to do. Where were you the past couple of days?” Shit, Mel hadn’t meant say that. She sounded like a jealous wife.

“Didn’t you read my note?”

Momentarily caught off guard by the question, and not sure how to respond, because he had indeed left a note, Mel pressed her lips together and remained silent.

Jack stepped closer, and she could feel the heat radiating from his body. “You thought I didn’t want to see you again because of the panic attack, didn’t you?”

Oh my, I wonder what Jack’s gonna do?

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18 thoughts on “#SAT #SPANKS!

  1. I hope he’s going to prove to her that no matter how many panic attacks she has, he’ll be there for her. Although, her attitude may need to improve a bit. Great snippet, Mary Sue.

    • Thanks Kathryn. Mel had been diagnosed with ‘clinical depression’ during her marriage to Mike Manning. Instead of supporting her through the 3 week period it usually takes for the meds to kick in her husband verbally abused her and walked out of the house leaving her to handle her panic attacks on her own. Mel’s paranoid that Jack may do the same thing. Also, her now deceased husband would threaten to place her in a mental institution if she showed any signs of temper. Jack, on the other hand, wants Mel to express her feelings. This way they could deal with what’s bothering her:)

  2. They say attack is the best form of defence but I think Mel is about to find out that’s not always the case. Great snippet.

    • Thanks for commenting, Tara. Mel’s doing exactly what Jack wants her to do. She’s breaking out of her shell and expressing herself. Of course she’ll get spanked for doubting him;)

  3. I don’t know about that, Cara. Jack’s angrier because she\s constantly doubting her attractiveness. Mel’s husband used to tell her she was getting to old to be considered sexy. Jack is determined to change all that.

  4. A wonderful snippet with just the right amount of created interest to make me want more… Like some of the others here, love Jack’s caring and nurturing attitude that comes through here so well…

    • Thanks Joe. Poor Mel had been through enough and although Jack does intend to spank her for doubting him, he’ll definitely make she she knows how much he loves her.

  5. hoo boy, I think he’d better spank her. Yes, that’s it! hot trooper spanking coming up! Love it, Mary Sue.

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