Meet Sable and Jess!

1009916_366693090119915_1363496643_n                                                     DEVIL WOMAN

Sable: “So, Jess, what did you want to talk about in our blog this week?” Miss Mary Wehr had kindly agreed we could appear on her page and I wanted to make a good impression. After all, we are working hard to introduce Jess to all of my friends.

Jess: Dunno.

Sable: Come on! Say something funny! Something clever! Something witty! Something people want to hear about!

Jess: Like what?

Sable: “Living With Sable.”

Jess: Oh my god.

Sable: What’s wrong with that? I’m a fun person. Sometimes I just think funny things.

Jess: Oh nothing. I just enjoy how much you enjoy yourself.

Sable: That’s not true. I’m the most humble person I know.

Jess: See what I mean? I have a better idea. How about we tell the people how evil you are?

Sable: Evil, me? And what? Are we going to tell them how you are such an angel?

Jess: Yes. I like it. I think we’re on to something.

Sable: (rolls eyes) Please.

Jess: Ok, let’s get started.

Sable: Wait, you’re serious?

Jess: Yes. So, how evil are you? Quantify it for the readers at home.

Sable: I can’t do that. I’m not evil. I’m sweet and cute and cuddly and so smart that my head hurts.

Jess: You’re right. We should start with how conceited you are. How about how pure I am. How pure am I you ask? Quantify it for the readers at home.

Sable: You are the exact opposite of pure. You are a little turdhead.

Jess: I like it. You’re opening with heresy. It’s like a showcase of the seven deadly sins. Lust for you is obvious. Pride is, too. Your ego is bigger than the house.

Sable: Is not. I’m adorable.

Jess: Tell me about how treasonous you are.

Sable: You have to make it funny. You can’t make me sound bad. I’m not treasonous. I don’t plot to overthrow the government.

Jess: I wasn’t going for funny. I was going for exposition. The world needs to know these things. They need to know the real Sable Hunter.

Sable: Ok, fine. Let’s talk about how “sweet” you are.

Jess: Good idea. Let’s go for contrast. You and I are like two different sides to the same coin. We both have similar goals, and are motivated primarily by love, but our principles are so antithetical that we are as Yin and Yang. Ooooh, by the way, did you know that Yin and Yang actually DO mean good and evil AND male and female? Guess which one is which… Sable: I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. I was too busy thinking deep thoughts, analyzing large amounts of information, and unconditionally loving you and all the animals in the world. What were you saying?

Jess: Come on. Don’t play like that. You write literature that inspires lecherous thoughts. You practice Wiccanism and other colorful forms of Paganism, AND you have been investigated by the FBI. Twice.

Sable: Those may be true, but they are not definitively evil.
Jess: No, but relatively yes. I am obnoxiously American, aggressively compassionate, and indelibly progressive. Angels sing when I walk into rooms.

Sable: You are so full of crap. Your eyes ought to be brown.

Jess: But they’re blue, the color of the heavens…

Sable: Never mind, Jess. This was a bad idea. Just write a story about one of your adventures and forget this whole thing.

Jess: Hold on. I’m not done. I was kind of kidding about you being evil, but what I was really trying to reveal was our complimentary differences. I mean, beside me saving the world and you sucking the souls out of innocents, there are characteristics we don’t share that work excellently in tandem. What I am REALLY trying to say is that you and I work great together and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Sable: Awwww, Jess. That’s so sweet. It makes me want to cry.

Jess: Yeah, you wept when holy water was sprinkled on you, too.

Sable: You were doing so well…

Jess: You are creative and I am pragmatic. You are dependable and I am ambitious. You are comforting and I am adventurous. You keep us grounded, and I push us forward. We make a great team. I love you, Sis.

Sable: Thanks, Buttonhole. I love you, too. And now, you know how our evenings at home turn out. Oh, we have fun. We work together. We fight over TV shows. We root for the Longhorns. We watch Superman trailers – over and over. I cook and he eats. Which reminds me of a scene from FOR A HERO – let’s look. But before you go: here’s my website: Our author pages: The book link: Our emails – And

Jenna spun in crazy circles around the room, making sure everything was in order. There were bowls of snacks on the table. Earlier in the day, she had searched all the sports channels for a football game. She didn’t know what days were football days, but she prayed to God that tonight would be one of them. After pouring through her entire subscription list, she found a channel called “ESPNC” and a game coming on at 7. “Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Oilers” She had been so excited at how perfect it was. She was sure he was a Texas football fan, aren’t all men in Texas football fans? And to her luck, this night of all nights, two Texas teams were playing each other!
Jenna wore an oversized blue jersey that used to belong to her father an eternity ago. It wasn’t a Cowboy or Oiler jersey, although both teams wore blue, and she hoped that the fact she was pant-less would distract David from her mismatched hue.
She kept checking her phone. He still hadn’t answered. Her text was so aggressive. She hoped he would find it suggestive and tempting, but the nagging sensation left over from years of disappointment and poor male role models told her that he would find it slutty and unappealing. He may tear into the house and demand his keys back before
storming out of her apartment and out of her life forever. And then where would she be? Pant-less, watching football.
Surely not, this was David. There was no way he would treat her so brusquely. Well, he did leave this morning, didn’t he? No explanation or concern. Jenna sat down on the couch as the pre-game talk was beginning. Had she made a mistake?
She didn’t have time to ponder it. There was a knocking on the door. It was very hard and sudden. Oh no. He sounded angry.
Jenna shyly pulled down on her jersey, attempting to give it the appearance of a dress. She moved toward the door and opened it slowly, terrified of what state the man standing in her doorway would be in.
David stepped in quickly, so quickly that Jenna wasn’t even 100% sure it was him until he was upon her. Her heart jumped and froze. But before she could get a look at his face to judge his disposition, he hugged her. David gave her the biggest hug she had ever gotten. His big arms wound around her little body and made her feel small and important at the same time. She shook a little bit, as the stress left her and she melted into him.
“You’re not mad?”
David roared with laughter. “Haha no. What? You change gears so quickly. You were teasing me over text ten minutes ago, and now, you are unsure what mood I’d be in? You are so cute.” He then stepped back and looked at her. His eyes moved down, seeing the lack of slacks and choice of dress. “I like the way you’re dressed. It’s very. . . progressive.”
Jenna remembered what clothes she was wearing, and felt shy. “I thought it was appropriate, and to be honest, I hoped you would think I was cute.” Her blush painted her cheeks a pretty pink, but her smile was a bit mischievous.
Women were complex, he knew. Jenna was a woman of contradictions and he was endlessly fascinated. “You are beautiful. I have never seen a woman look so good. You are so sexy.”
The earnestness of his voice as he spoke such things made her feel wanted.
“But what makes it appropriate? I’m afraid I’m missing something.”
“Oh, I haven’t even told you yet!” She stepped back behind her table covered with snacks and shot her arms out in front of her, one gesturing toward the feast before her and the other toward the T.V. with the kick-off occurring as they spoke. “Ta-da! I’ve made you a little man-night party! I have snacks for you, I cooked you dinner that will be done in just a few minutes, and, well, I didn’t know what teams you loved, so I was super lucky to find Dallas Cowboys playing the Houston Oilers tonight! Look! Isn’t it everything a man needs to be happy?” Her voice rose with hope and expectation.
He smiled as he looked at the appealing, sexy picture she made trying to please him. “Yes, this is everything I need to be happy.”
He gave her a little kiss and sat down on the couch, not wanting to give the impression of non-appreciation. Once he relaxed, something she said came back to him. Houston Oilers? There was no Houston Oilers anymore. They moved to Tennessee under new management. Did she mean the Houston Texans? He looked hard at the T.V. Sure enough, the Oilers ran out onto the field in their light blue jerseys and helmets. David felt puzzled. He glanced around the screen and noticed the letters at the top, ESPNC. Oh. David laughed.
“Honey, did you know I am psychic?”
She heard him correctly, she thought, but she stared at his face and saw not one drop of jokingness or facetiousness. “Umm, no.”
“Well, I am. In fact, I’ll make you a bet. I will tell you the exact score of this game before it ends. If I’m right, you have to give me a super special surprise afterward. You have to give me a strip show.” ‘Did I really just say that? I am so forward. What does this girl do to me? My mom raised me to be more of a gentleman.’
Jenna was floored, but played along. “Oh really? Well, I’ll take that bet. And, Mister Psychic, if you’re wrong, YOU have to give ME a strip show, just like you did on stage, but mine better have a very happy ending.”
“Then let the game begin.” David challenged her as he slipped some bugles into his mouth. He was grateful for store-bought snacks. “Dallas will win 20-17.”
“There is no way. You just revealed yourself as a fraud by the way. I don’t know too much about football, but I do know that touchdowns give six points, so both scores have to be an even number.” Jenna stood up and starting doing her own little end-zone dance, complete with hip thrusts and arm stabs. It was reminiscent of Elaine’s ‘Little Kicks.’ “So you didn’t even do your math, Boy! You better start limbering up for your dance.” She got up in his face with her cute, fake attitude. He welcomed it with a kiss.
“We’ll see. You have so much to learn.” His smile was huge.
She couldn’t help it. She fell into the couch next to him. His big body made a dent in the cushion so that she couldn’t sit away from him even if she wanted to. He had his own gravity. She could see it; all the people who surrounded him could see it. She wondered why he didn’t behave like he knew it was there.
“Oh! That’s dinner! I’ll be right back.” Jenna jumped up from the couch and walked into her kitchenette. He didn’t know it, but her kitchen was much better stocked with food and cookware than it had been before she met him.
He watched her shuffle away. There was a whisper of her butt through the jersey; the bottom curve of her cheeks peeked at him beneath the royal blue. He peeked back.
“This is something I made just for you. I looked up some recipes for casseroles online, but none of them seemed manly enough for you, so I just kinda winged it.”
She placed in front of him, a tray of . . . something. He did his best not to show any emotion on his face. The top crust of whatever it was looked like a child had left three dozen black and yellow crayons out in the sun and they melted together into an amalgam of unpleasant colors and smells. David was terrified.
He took a fork and stabbed it into a corner of the dish.
“I call it ‘Game-Day Surprise.’ Tell me how it is.”
He heard a sick snap and crunch as his utensil grabbed hunks of unknowable material from the plate that may never be washed enough to remove this sin. “You sure do love surprises, don’t you?” He put it in his mouth. “Wow, Honey. Your food IS always a surprise.”
Nausea sat in. Every instinct in his body fought his swallowing movement. But, he labored, and like Heracles, he overcame. The gunk slid down his throat and was thankfully gone from anything that could taste it again. He had never tasted melted rubber before, but he thought he had a pretty good idea how it tasted now.
“Words can’t describe the taste, and the texture, is just, inhuman.” David was very careful. “I can honestly say: I have NEVER eaten anything like this before. My life is now different. I will never think of casserole, football or you the same ever again, as long as I live.” He was proud. Every word was true.
“EEEEEEEEE! I’m so glad!” Jenna pulled out a journal and made a little note. “Since you loved it so much, I will save the recipe in my diary so I can make it for you again whenever you want.” She put it away and got up. “You enjoy it, Hon. I am going to clean the kitchen. Watch your game, and eat your food, and I’ll be right back.”
With the room to himself, David stared at the dish. He could swear it stared back at him. It knew what he was planning. David took a bag of Doritos that had been opened and poured the chips into a bowl near the salsa. He raked half the – stuff – into the bag and rolled it shut. He stood and took the bag into the kitchen where Jenna was. “Where is the trash, Babe?”
“Right over here, you are so helpful!” Jenna motioned to a cupboard that could be pulled open.
“Nah, I’m not. I just thought the chips would be easier to reach in the bowl.” He put the bag in, pushed the can closed and relished in his victory.
David came into the living room and sat. He hungrily ate as many snacks as he could before Jenna came back. When she arrived, she saw a big portion of the casserole missing. “Oh, Honey! I can’t believe you ate all that! It’s still the first quarter. I can make you some more.”
Before she could take another step, David grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the couch with him. “Oh no, you’re not. I want you here with me.”
Jenna smiled and snuggled her cheek up to him. David noticed and relaxed. It was finally over. He won.
After a few minutes of silent enjoyment, he turned and gave her a smile. His eyes sparkled. “Thank you so much for this. I love it. I’m having a wonderful time.”
She glowed with joy. She took his gratitude and rubbed it all over her face and her heart. She cozied down next to him. Jenna enjoyed David’s warmth as he sat in her apartment. She opened her home to him and here he sat, nobly, and comfortably, as if he belonged. Then, memories of the morning came back to her.
“David, why did you leave me this morning without saying why?”
He hadn’t even realized that was what happened. “Oh my god, Jenna, I am so sorry. That wasn’t what I intended to happen at all.” He turned to her and put his hands on her shoulders. “I didn’t realize I did that to you.” He hugged her close.
“It’s ok. I just thought there was something wrong.”
“No, nothing like that. You were wonderful last night, just like you are tonight. I was really worried about my mom. With all the stuff that happened, the cars exploding and me meeting you, I realized I hadn’t thought about her as much as I should have and I wanted to see her. I left for her place early this morning. I guess I blew out the door so fast, I forgot my manners as well as my keys. I am sorry.” That was close enough to the truth for now.
Jenna relaxed. “You just wanted to see your mom?”
“That’s it. I promise. I had a wonderful time with you last night and I didn’t want it to end. I was disappointed that it turned out that way, me running out and all.”
Jenna snuggled in closer. “Don’t worry about it. Has anyone ever told you that you’re perfect?”
“My mom, but I don’t think that counts. Moms are supposed to say things like that. Anyway, I’m really not. Also, Mom said she wanted to meet you.” David said it without thinking; he continued to snack on bugles and watch the game. He didn’t realize what the words that came out of his mouth implied or how Jenna would take them.
“Meet your mom?” She sat up. “Are we there yet?” She asked with hope and fear.
“Are we where?”
“Are we meeting each other’s parents?”
“Well, I can’t think why not. I mean, you cooked me dinner and called me perfect. What else is left to do?”
Jenna was amazed. The world was simple to him, so black and white. There was a right and a wrong, and David woke up every morning and chose to be right. She bit her lip and thought. She couldn’t imagine staying with David forever. He deserved someone else, someone better. Perhaps, just saying ‘hello’ wouldn’t hurt, though. She must acquiesce, at least, to save the evening for David. He worked so hard and had been under so much stress; he needed some happiness.
“Yes, David. I would love to go meet your mom with you.”
David turned his head to her, and smiled. “She’s going to love you.” And he was back to the television.
They watched the game together. David didn’t jump when the teams were close to the end-zones; he didn’t cheer for touchdowns. Jenna wondered just how into football he really was. When it finished, Jenna rested her head on his shoulder. “Did you have a good time, Babe?”
“Did I? Check the score.”
Jenna remembered the bet, and his supposedly unnatural powers. Jenna gasped. “What the hell, David? How did you know?” The score read, as clear as day, Dallas 20 – Houston 17.
David lifted his brow. “I’m psychic. I can see the future. And you are about to give me a little dance.” He leaned back. His eyes told Jenna how pleased he was with his victory. His smile was sexy and confident and there was a hint of detachment and assertion in his features. It drove Jenna wild.
Slowly, she rose from the couch. Her thighs trembled and she felt her pussy moisten. Without more than a moment’s hesitation, she began to sway her hips back and forth. Biting her lower lip, she concentrated on the movement of her body. Jenna bent one knee and then straightened the other, rocking her hips in a figure eight. With sensual little gyrations, and tightly bound fists she pulled her jersey up on one side, then down and up on the other, showing David the wiggle of her hips and a glimpse of her ass as she danced for him.
David’s eye lids lowered. He did not look like a man. He was something more, something powerful, feral, and other-worldly. She felt such presence and power within him, that danger and excitement rocked her body.
He spread his legs and bucked his hips forward, there was no way she could miss the huge ridge of his arousal. David was giving her a clear signal of what he wanted. The feminist in her disliked his gesture, but her body felt differently. She looked at the god-like alpha male before her and only wanted to give him pleasure.
He growled at her seconds of inaction and that was it. She melted down onto his leg, straddling it, kneeling on either side of his thigh. With hungry sighs, she began to rub
herself back and forth on his hard muscle. Her cream dampened his pant leg, making her slides slick and smooth.
“You’re not wearing any underwear.” He spoke candidly.
“No, I’m not. This is for you.” She moved and drew circles and hearts on his body with her hips. Pushing herself forward, she placed her hands on his shoulders, grinding her pussy right over the bulge of his cock. David tilted his head back and enjoyed the feeling.
She bent forward so that the curve of her ass showed behind her and the tips of her nipples pressed against his chest. He groaned. She smiled. With a satisfaction and wonder Jenna didn’t know she had, she rubbed her body on his, working to please him, to make him want her. Her lips brushed his. She breathed on him.
David lifted one hand to her hip and pulled her body to him, locking their loins together. She could feel his expanding cock stretching through the material of his pants; its lines massaged her thighs as it reached down his leg.
She kissed him, softly, slowly. He opened his mouth for her but let her work for him. He allowed her to taste his lips and suck on them. Jenna licked his mouth and breathed him into herself. As she exhaled, she started to ride his cock with her pussy lips through his pants.
Without warning, David’s other hand grasped her waist, cradling her close. He took her upper lip into his mouth and sucked on it. At her gasp, he began to chew softly.
“Oh, David. Yes.” As if that opened the door, he lifted her quickly and easily off of him. She felt like she weighed nothing in his arms. He turned her around so that she faced away from him and he brought her back down, her pussy still on his cock, but her ass curving toward his stomach.
Jenna could not see David’s face, but she could feel his attention. With a groan of appreciation, he slid her jersey up, exposing her perfect round cheeks.
“I can’t get enough of you, Jenna. Move for me, Baby.” Jenna was desperate to be touched, but she kept on, doing what she was told to do. Her body moved to inaudible music. She churned and waved and flowed over him.
The lump in his jeans soon became too much to ignore. Jenna turned slightly, stole a quick kiss and unzipped his fly. She pulled his throbbing cock from his pants and it was so hot in her hand that she felt her palm and fingers melding around it. Her pussy burned for it, but she kept moving. She held it against her ass, splitting her cheeks over it, and completing the glove with her hand. She danced on him, stroking his member with her body.
A pulse in his shaft was her only warning before he grabbed her wickedly and pushed her up to the tip, letting her slide down wetly to the base.
“Oh my, god.” Jenna felt so full, so complete, so whole. She realized she was not a quiet sex partner. “Damn, David. You are huge. You fill me so well. Oh, god.” She trembled on him, but soon found the strength to continue her dance. With rhythmic movements of her hips, she pushed down, causing the head of his dick to scrape the wall of her vagina, while rubbing her clit on his balls. Her hands grabbed his knees and she rode him, unmercifully.
David aided her; he rose when she pushed into him and fell when she ebbed. He could see the muscle in her back pinch and flex as she contracted her ass to pull herself forward. Her shape was flawless. Round, supple flesh danced on him, sucking his dick with its movement. He couldn’t help it. It was from a place within that he wasn’t familiar with,
and had been afraid to let out, but this time he couldn’t help it. His gripped her hips, hard, and began to bounce her on his shaft.
“David. David. David! DAVID!!” Jenna’s screams grew more fierce, desperate and loud as he continued to fuck her from below. A burning started in her pussy and grew, and grew, and grew. With it, colors and lights stole her vision for a few heavenly seconds. “I’m cumming!” The fire shot up her spine from her pussy and exploded around her head. A few blessed moments of oblivion swamped her. Jenna returned to consciousness with David’s cock still rocketing into her. “Please, David. Cum for me. Cum inside me now, please.”
David felt wanted; he felt powerful; he felt natural and dangerous. He let his head fall back and flexed his hips, impaling her over and over again. “God, you’re tight. You feel so good.” The heat and friction lit his fuse and it burned within him. “Jenna, do you want it all?”
“Lord, yes,” she pleased. “Please give it to me.”
David growled as pressure built and built in his pelvis. It shattered. He sprayed cum into her each time he thrust. Six or seven times, his cock throbbed with his heartbeat shooting his seed into her pussy. Finally, he slowed and stopped, breathing heavily. His hands never left her hips.
“Oh wow, Baby. That was amazing.” Jenna loved her orgasms. They kept getting stronger with him and of course they were all better than what her hand could do. But nothing compared to the feeling of pleasing David. When he came, and she could tell how much he enjoyed it, she felt fulfilled and satiated. With a contented sigh, she rested back into his body, his cock still within her, and relaxed in his arms. She thought to herself, ‘this is what my body was created for.’
David spoke to her, and his voice was not the husky growl that only moments ago had made her wet, it was a tender, caressing tone that made her heart skip a beat. He was her sweetheart again. “Thank you, Jenna. I’ve never felt anything like that before.”
“No, my pleasure. How did you know, by the way? The score.”
“Well, I already got my dance so I guess there’s no harm in telling you now. Honey, you had the channel on ESPN classic. It plays important games from history. The game you played was from 1994, I watched it when I was younger. I remember it well because it was the very last time the Houston Oilers ever played Dallas.”
Jenna was both put out and amused. “DAMMIT! I can’t believe that. This isn’t fair. Why don’t they play anymore?”
“Because there are no Houston Oilers. They moved to Tennessee and became the Titans.”
“You cheater! I can’t believe you told me that cockamamie story about you being psychic just to get me to dance!” Jenna play-slapped his shoulder. “I’m going to get you back for that. Just you wait.”
“Oh yeah? What are you going to do?” “I don’t know, but it’s going to be good, god-dangit

8 thoughts on “Meet Sable and Jess!

  1. Sable: I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. I was too busy thinking deep thoughts, analyzing large amounts of information, and unconditionally loving you and all the animals in the world. What were you saying? … Priceless! I’m the older sister too (to a sister though, so I’m probably not quite as tormented as you are), so I can totally relate to this! 🙂 Love y’all!! And really love your books!!!!

  2. I love this interview. I got the best laugh out of it and I loved this scene when I read the book. These two are good together. You can see the love in the interview.

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