Saturday Spanks are UP!!


Saturday Spankings

Welcome to another Saturday Spanks Blog Hop. Be sure to click on the link below to read some more spanking snippets!

First, I’ll share the blurb for ‘Her Heart’s Desire’. Publication date August 19

Will the shame of her mother’s betrayal prevent Sara from having her heart’s desire?

Sara Martin spent her life longing for two things—less responsibility and the boy next door. When Cade Dalton finally noticed her, she was thrilled. But when he suggested a threesome with his brother, she knew the rumors she’d heard were true—Cade and Reese Dalton shared women, something Sara despised. Her mother had chosen a life of sordid sex with two men over her marriage, leaving a broken ten-year-old girl behind. No way was Sara going down that road. She was happy to comply with Cade’s dominant tendencies, but she would not stand for any “sharing” in the relationship.

To her surprise, Cade agreed to give up his lifestyle in order to be with her. He swore to never again bring up the idea of a threesome, insisting that having Sara as his wife—and the Head of Household arrangement they’d come to—was more than enough to make him happy.

But six months into the marriage Sara’s brother-in-law was beginning to look mighty fine. She regretted passing on the chance to be between the two sexy Dalton brothers, but after her violent reaction to Cade’s suggestion she was too ashamed to admit she had changed her mind. And too ashamed to admit she wanted the same sordid lifestyle her mother had chosen.

Content Warning: strong language, spanking, and graphic sex, including anal sex

Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary Romance/Ménage

Last week we were left wondering if Sara would take her spanking now or later. Her husband, Cade did not have the full use of his hand just yet and if she waited for his injury to heal she’d get the belt for sure and the ten smacks she had coming would double to twenty, but what was the other alternative? Sara gets a little snippy and is quick to point out that he’s unable to punish her at this time so what’s the rush? Needless to say, Cade’s not too happy about his wife’s sassy attitude.

“That’s the catch,” Cade replied. “If you decide to take your punishment now, Reese will do the spanking, but keep up with the sassy attitude and I’ll make the decision for you.”

Holy hell, seriously? She chanced a glance in Reese’s direction. The handsome blond rat wore a huge lascivious grin. A flush of heat warmed her toes, shot straight up her body, and singed her ears. She hadn’t expected this, but really, how bad could it be?


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27 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks are UP!!

  1. Love the idea that Cade brings in a “pinch hitter” to administer discipline. Also love the way you describe that it turns her on. How bad can it be? Nothing ever ends well after that line. Love it all. This snippet alone sells me on the book.

  2. I’m with the other three; you’ve chosen the perfect snippet, ending with “how bad can it be?” That leaves us with our imaginations to wonder at her predicament and just how bad it can get. I love this!

  3. Yup, “How bad could it be?” is always a giveaway. It’s either going to be a lot worse than you ever imagined, or a lot more pleasurable than you ever thought possible. I think Cade’s got a good read on Sara, so there’s a chance it will end well for the three of them. Look forward to reading more.

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