Saturday Spanks!

Saturday SpankingsWelcome to another Saturday Spanks. Saturday is turning out to be the best day of the week for me. I get to read some really hot spanking snippets from my fellow spanking authors. Be sure to click on the link below this post and check out some other hot snippets!

We’ll continue where we left off last week with “Her Heart’s Desire’ which is scheduled for release in September.

Cade was in the process of lecturing Sara for giving him the prescription pills he had warned her not to. Even though she had done it because she loves him she had blatantly disobeyed a direct order. To make matters worse Cade suspects her of keeping a secret. Instead of being honest with him she tells him she’s fine and rushes out of the house. Cade’s frustrated. He can’t deliver a proper spanking because of his injured hand but Sara’s disobedience needs to be dealt with ASAP. He hits the speed dial and calls his brother, Reese. When Sara comes home she’s embarrassed that Cade would bring up the subject of her punishment in front of her sexy as hell brother-in-law, but Cade knows exactly what he’s doing. His role as her HOH husband is to protect her, love her and give her whatever her heart desires.


Cade’s deep voice pulled her out of her musings. “We are addressing the little incident you pulled this morning. You have two choices—you can accept your spanking now or wait until my hand is completely healed.”

Sara’s mouth dropped open in shock only to snap it shut again when Cade held up his hand.

“But be aware, if you decide to wait until later I will use my belt on your bare bottom.”

Sara’s cheeks grew hot and her temper soared. She jabbed her thumb in Reese’s direction. “Why are we discussing something this personal in front of company? Besides, you can’t spank me now because your wrist isn’t healed properly, so this discussion is moot.” 

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28 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks!

  1. Hey, even though HOH’s are responsible for carrying out punishments, they aren’t supposed to delegate their responsibilities to someone else, are they? Poor Sara. I’m doing a little uncomfortable wiggling for her myself. Love the snippet, Mary Sue.

    • Well, Cade is at his wits end. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. You must remember that Cade is only interested in making Sara happy.Being paddled by a tall blond man resembling ‘Thor’ doesn’t seem so terrible to me;) XOXO

  2. I LOVE this!! Very excited to know more! As far as the role of HOH is concerned, I have seen it discussed before that if the HOH is OK with another trusted person administering the spanking than the wife should still comply. I am very interested to see this done and WILL be reading it!

  3. I’ve got to get this book. But, if this were me, I’d take the belt later. He doesn’t get to spank me to the detriment of his physical well-being. Yeah…that’s the excuse I want to use. 🙂

      • I understand that’s why Cade is offering the belt, and like Sara, the belt would be my last choice, too. However, I’d still choose it over Thor. Perhaps, even because he looks like Thor, and I drool over Viking types. However, I’m also painfully shy and wouldn’t want to submit to any man but my husband. I don’t share, nor would ever want to be shared, especially in that manner. However, I’m not Sara. and my choices wouldn’t necessarily be hers. That’s what makes your snippet so great. Because even though I wouldn’t personally make the same choice Sara does, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be riveted to the story so I could see and experience where her choice leads her. And that’s good writing.

  4. I like her smart reply; that’s going to earn her a little extra heat! *heh* The scene is good, and I like direction it’s headed, especially with the bumps she’s laying in the path with her words.

  5. ooh, ooh ooh, go with the hot BIL, definitely!
    Then again, I like the fantasy of a little manage action also.
    whatever she decides, I know it will be sexy as hell.
    Great job!

  6. The embarrassment is acute, which is as it should be. No matter if her BIL looks like Thor (yummy!), she should be mortified to have Cade speak so plainly. Naughty girl gets what she deserves.

  7. Patricia, Sara’s been pushing Cade’s button’s for awhile. She knows he can’t punish her because his hand is injured and she’s hoping he’ll forget about her stunts by the time reckoning day comes;)

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