A Heart’s Endeavor‘ may not be a Domestic Discipline romance, but state trooper Jack Horan still believes a woman is never to old for a spanking;)

 Jack and Melanie are enjoying a ‘moment’ in his car.

“Lean back against the door.” His warm breath whispered across her skin.
The combined smell of his aftershave and male scent had her senses reeling so badly that all she could do was moan in response. She longed for something hard inside her pussy. Her hands fell from his shoulders and clutched the edge of her seat. The constant assault of Jack’s tongue on her bare nipples left her helpless. She rocked her hips in tune with his tongue right there in the middle of the driveway.
Whoa, wait a minute. Mel’s eyes shot open. Holy cow! Her pussy was so wet she was sure she had stained the seat. “I don’t think…”
“Don’t think.” Jack’s voice sounded muffled. Mel looked down and saw his tongue licking her breasts. The sight was erotic.
Jack released a nipple with a loud pop and pulled her roughly against his chest. Damn, she didn’t want a simple hug at a time like this. Her eyes widened in shock when he gathered her dress in one hand and twisted the bulk of the material in front of her. The sharp slap he delivered to her ass startled her. “Keep arguing and I’ll turn you over my knee.”

Mel stiffened. “Excuse me?” she stammered hotly, indignantly. How dare he threaten her again. She wasn’t a child in need of punishment.
“You heard me,” he growled and delivered another whack to her ass.
Darn it, he did it again and she had wanted it…again. Her lips were mere inches from his firmed mouth. She saw the tic at the side of his jaw bounce up and down. His face was stern, his demeanor unyielding. He’d carry out his threat and, she wasn’t afraid. As a matter of fact, she liked this dominant side of Jack Horan.

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