Sexy Snippet

A snippet from ‘Callie’s Reckoning’ published by Rebel Ink Press.

Brandon discovers that Callie went back on her word and he is furious.

Brandon raked a hand through his hair and narrowed his gaze. Callie and her best friend, Colleen, had their heads together. Clearly, Callie was thinking up a plan. He knew his little lady oh so well. If she thought she could sneak out of here without him knowing, she was dead wrong. The question was, would Colleen be easily swayed to help her? With the grace of a panther, he weaved in and out of the crowd and took a seat by the men Callie had just served. Callie being such a caring person was one of the many things he loved about her. She was beautiful and so full of life, but cornering her boss by herself was asking for trouble. If only she’d step back and calmly access a situation instead of diving in head-first. But that was his Callie. He should have known her quick acquiescence was too good to be true. She had readily agreed to quit her job and he’d fallen for it. Brandon wouldn’t be caught with his pants down again.

He gritted his teeth and sighed. He didn’t mind her working, but not for a sleazy boss who required his servers to wear such skimpy outfits. Her bra did nothing to conceal the flesh straining against the thin fabric of her shirt. Her large, pink nipples were visible for all to see. Hungry looks were written all over the male customers’ faces which made Brandon scowl. Obviously, he wasn’t the only one focusing on those tits. And if her black shorts got any shorter, everyone would know her flame colored mane didn’t come from a bottle. His dick pressed against his zipper. Down boy. Now wasn’t the time to think about fucking. It was time to administer some good old-fashioned discipline. But first he needed to get her out of here. No matter how angry he was, he refused to embarrass her in public.

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