There’s nothing like sitting outside and listening to the birds singing and watching the wildlife. LOL, my squirrels resemble ground hogs and the chipmunks are chunky too. Sometimes the deer pass through my yard looking for a handout. They love mixed bird seed and corn with molasses. Yes, I’m an animal lover.

The Hummingbirds are back. The Blue Jays make a racket until I put peanuts out or toss them some bread. My dad always told me if I have a lot of bushes and trees in my yard I’ll get a lot of birds and other animals and he was right. God bless him. A few years before he died he insisted on digging up some of his flowering shrubs and planting them in my yard. He’s been gone five years now and those shrubs he planted for me have flourished. The birds love them.

Thanks Dad.documents 004

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