Happy Sunday!!

‘Callie’s Reckoning’ will be released May 3rd from Rebel Ink Press. It’s my very first Domestic Discipline story. I’m currently working on edits for ‘Her Heart’s Desire’. That story will be released in September from yet another awesome publisher, Beachwalk Press.

“Her Heart’s Desire’ is Sara’s story. She’s one of the cashiers who worked with Melanie Manning at the ‘Grab ‘n’ Go’ in ‘A Heart’s Endeavor’ which was released this past November by Beachwalk Press. I didn’t plan on writing a story about one of the secondary characters in “A Heart’s Endeavor’, but once I started I kept on going. This story will also have a Domestic Discipline/Head of the Household theme.

I can’t thank Beachwalk Press enough for believing in me.  Pamela Tyner is one special lady and a fantastic editor.

Thanks Pam!!

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