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Hi everybody! Welcome to Rebel’s Earth Day blog hop. I’m helping to preserve the environment by using less plastic and avoiding man made chemicals. If we all pitch in we can keep our planet clean!

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Rebel Ink Press has contracted my short Domestic Discipline story. ‘Callie’s Reckoning’ will be released in May. Here’s a sneak peek;)


CalliesReckoning_Cover3Callie Shaw was all set to enter into a Head of the Household marriage with Brandon Clay. What lady could refuse to be disciplined by the tall, hot, sexy lawyer? But first she needed to put her boss in his

place. Her suspicions were all she had to go on but she wouldn’t rest until she found proof and Harry Bailey ended up in jail for sexual harassment.

Brandon was up to his neck in trouble and one tiny redhead with shocking green eyes possessed the tendency to get under his skin. He’d let things slide to far. But when Callie puts her safety on the line, Brandon intends to show her who’s boss.

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6 thoughts on “Rebel Ink Blog Hop!

  1. Love the sound of your story! It sounds fantastic! Thank you for sharing and for the awesome hop! 🙂

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