Callie’s Reckoning

Saturday SpankingsYay! It’s another Saturday Spanks;)

Callie’s so happy. She’s all set to marry the man of her dreams and enter into a Domestic Discipline marriage. *sighs* Brandon Clay is tall and handsome and oh so sexy. It’d be a pleasure lying across his hard, muscled thighs and feel his hand playfully spank her bare bottom. How bad could it be?

But when she lies to him and decides to snoop into her boss’s seedy dealings she finds out that a punishment spanking is a lot different than a playful one.

Brandon orders Callie to hand in her two week notice at the corner tavern. He doesn’t mind her working, but not in a sleazy bar where she’s vulnerable to lewd comments from drunken men. Callie agrees but the opportunity to see her boss brought down a peg or two is much too hard to resist. 

Brandon leaves work early to surprise his lady with an engagement ring only to find her apartment empty. First place he looks? You guessed it. He heads straight to The Tavern and plans to set her bottom on fire.

This is an unedited version of Callie’s Reckoning coming soon from Rebel Ink Press. Don’t forget to check out all the other tasty teasers on this Saturday Spanking Blog.


Once outside, Brandon caught hold of her arm and turned her sideways. He whacked her on the ass. The thin material of her shorts did little to soften the blow.

“Ouch,” Callie spat.

Brandon administered another hard whack. “Just warming you up, sweetheart.” He returned her glare with one of his own.

“You’ve earned a good spanking. Keep sassing me and I’ll turn you over my knee right here in this Godforsaken parking lot. It’s time you learned how things are going to work in this relationship”

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29 thoughts on “Callie’s Reckoning

  1. Callie is definitely going to learn that in a DD relationship you pay a price for your disobedience. Callie’s Reckoning looks like another book I will enjoy when it becomes available. Thanks so much for posting, Mary Sue.

    • Callie does have a problem with obedience especially when it concerns the safety of her friends. Brandon is determined to teach her to trust in his judgement and let him take care of things that have the potential to harm her.

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