Saturday Spanking! State trooper, Jack has reached his limit of patience! Uh oh:(

Well, Mel’s finally done it. Ever patient state trooper Jack Horan has had enough. His lady refuses to look out for her own safety and he’s not backing down. This is one spanking she’ll never forget.

Mel’s job at the ‘Grab ‘n’ Go’ is to watch for gas drive-offs along with other duties. Her employer is a tightwad. Installing a pre-pay at the pumps will cost too much money. So, instead of merely writing down the license plate of the car she gets pissed off and runs out in front of the vehicle. She’d be dammed if someone was going to steal gas on her watch. Lucky for her Jack was miles away, but his trooper buddies make sure he’s up to speed on the situation.

It’s not long before he’s banging on her door. Her heart skips a beat when she sees him in his full trooper regalia along with a gun and expandable baton. Once inside her world is turned literally upside down

“Do you know how scared I was when the call came in about a woman standing in the middle of the road at the Grab ‘n’ Go?” he asked. Smack. “Then Jim radios me and tells me it’s you.” Smack. “Dammit, woman, I was stuck on the interstate checking for drugs while you were frolicking in the middle of the road.”

Mel reared her head and glared at him. “I was not frolicking. I was…ouch.” Clamping her mouth shut, she hung her head and concentrated on his black dress shoes. She refused to cry out as he delivered another slap. At the rate he was going she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. Three more whacks in swift succession then she was turned right side up. She winced when her butt connected with his hard thighs.

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19 thoughts on “Saturday Spanking! State trooper, Jack has reached his limit of patience! Uh oh:(

  1. Ooh, I do love men in uniform, and Jack sounds like the perfect guy for me. Great snippet, Mary Sue. Thanks for posting.

  2. There is always a certain eros in a male spanking a woman, but add the badge and authority of a cop and the allure and sensuality increases every-time. Hopefully she will still want the “Law on her Backside” when he is done…

  3. Nice. Not nice for Mel, of course, but nice for us. I really like the sense of purpose you convey; the sense of a strong, no-nonsense man taking someone he cares for firmly in hand and giving her what she needs, no discussion. Yum.

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