“I’d like a dish of Spicy Romance with a Spanking on the side;)”

Okay, I admit it. I’m a spankaholic. What can I say. I swear, all of the books I’ve collected over the years have at least one ‘over the knee’ spanking scene included. My kindle too;) And yes, my very first published romance novella  ‘A Heart’s Endeavor’ has a spanking scene. Jack is a  State Trooper.  He’s all alpha, handsome, funny but can turn stern in a heartbeat if his lady, Melanie, places herself in danger. He’s quick to dish out some much needed discipline.

Do my next two contracted stories, ‘Callie’s Reckoning and Her Heart’s Desire’ have spanking included? Hell yeah!  Will my 4th? You bet!

So, to all other spankaholics, (*snicker* and I know who you are) have a spanking good day!

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