Saturday Spanks: ‘A Heart’s Endeavor’

Mel’s eyes widened in shock when Jack gathered her dress in one hand and twisted the bulk of the material in front of her.

The sharp slap he delivered to her ass startled her.

“Keep arguing and I’ll turn you over my knee.”

Mel stiffened.

“Excuse me?” she stammered hotly, indignantly.

How dare he threaten her again.

She wasn’t a child in need of punishment.

“You heard me,” he growled and delivered another whack to her ass.


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26 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks: ‘A Heart’s Endeavor’

  1. Whoa! Jack is serious. Sounds like Mel’s tone needs to come down a notch or Jack will make good on his threat. Great snippet, Mary Sue.

    • LOL,Natasha. Mel suffers with depression. She’s got a handle on it but her husband was an ass to her. She’s a little leery about men, but Jack straightens her out on her attitude and the fact that she’s convinced no man would want her because of her illness.

    • It does get a little bit worse. Mel’s husband was very nasty to her. He’s dead now and she tries to get her life back together and in comes state trooper Jack Horan all ready to turn her world upside down…literally:)

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