‘Absolute Pleasures’ by Abigail Armani (Spanking Romance)

absolute_200Reaching England, Constance travels to Suffolk, only to find that Thoresby Hall is practically deserted, as its occupants have left for six weeks in Scotland. Salvation comes in the unlikely guise of the dour Mrs Cross, housekeeper at Gatley Park. She has returned with new staff from the hiring fair, but is short of a kitchen maid. Constance seizes her opportunity, determined to return to Thoresby in six weeks time. She settles into domestic service and on her afternoon off ‘borrows’ a horse and enjoys a wild gallop through the estate, where she is pursued by the owner of Gatley Park, Lord Harper. There is an immediate attraction, and the pair regularly enjoy each others company – much to the annoyance of Lord Harper’s mother. Love blooms and intimacies are shared, but by the time Lord Harper recognises his true feelings, catastrophe strikes. Heartbroken, Constance leaves Gatley Park and the only sanctuary she can find is behind the bar in a coaching inn 55 miles away, where there are further indignities to be faced. Her life is wretched, but destiny lends a hand to shape her future.

An LSF Publications spanking romance.

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