Owning the Desire by Jodi Olsen (Series 4)


Elliott and his beautiful wife, Laney, were in a rut. The spark had gone from their marriage, replaced with work and the humdrum routine of everyday life. When Laney opens the boxes of “toys” that Elliott ordered, and checks his browser history on the computer, she finds the key to adding some spice back to their love-life. With the assistance of local Domme Aunt Mavis, Laney becomes the dominant vixen Elliott always fantasied about. Both Elliott and Laney find what they need and end up…Owning the Desire.

Excerpt 1:

It was Elliott who brought up role playing to her more than once throughout their marriage. So, in her effort to try and change things up in her marriage, Laney would spend two weeks taking strip-tease, pole dancing lessons, Hell, she even bought a stripper pole to have mounted in their living room. Laney wanted to give Elliott an anniversary gift he’d never forget. More like a fantasy that turned into a reality.

She had fifteen minutes until show time and Elliott’s arrival. For a moment panic began rioting within her. What if she froze, and couldn’t go through with it? She had never done this kind of thing before. She felt a sense of inadequacy begin to sweep over her. She started to shake as the fearful images were building in her mind. A warning voice whispered in her head. If you don’t do this now, your marriage wouldn’t last much longer; and she didn’t want to lose her husband.

Laney heard Elliott’s car coming up the driveway, she quickly started the music, and then placed herself in front of the pole. She fixed her gaze upon Elliott as he walked through the front door. As she leaned up against the pole, she began by spreading her legs wide. All the while looking at her husband, she slowly ran her hands up and down the inside of her thighs, as her body moved rhythmically and precisely to the beat. Her hips and breasts captured every nuance of the music. She swayed, glided, and circled her hands, arms, and legs around the pole, while taking in every expression on her shocked husband’s face.

Laney carefully began lowering the straps of her top and teasingly pulling them back up again. She did this several times before she finally left both of the straps down. Her arms snaked to unhook the front of her top, but she held it to her breasts, teasing him more as she lowered one side at a time showing just a part of each breast before dropping it to the side.

After Laney let her top drop onto the floor, she began to play peek-a-boo with the sides of her skirt by pulling each side down just a little and then back up again flashing the creamy skin of her hips. As she allowed her skirt to eventually slip down to the ground she then kicked it with the back of her foot to the far side of the room.

Laney loved the reaction she was receiving from Elliott. He had already pushed his pants and boxers down to his ankles, and his hand was firmly wrapped around his cock. .She gazed into her husband’s eyes, and slowly peeled off her thong. As she was finishing her strip tease dance, she could hear Elliott’s groans, and then said seductively, “Happy Anniversary, Darling.”

She loved watching her husband’s reaction with smug delight. Her confidence had spiraled upward as she watched him play with his cock. She boldly met his eyes and ordered him in a voice of authority, “Come here slave, and use that tongue of yours on my pussy.”

Excerpt 2:

Why did you have to ruin my evening? Is it too much to ask for one night alone with my husband? Next time your assistant calls during dinner I’m going to grab that phone and tell her to find another man, because you’re mine.”

“Laney, I’m sorry I ruined our night out.”

“I want you naked when we get inside the house,” she said firmly.

“I want you naked too, honey.”

“You’re not listening to me. Mistress wants those clothes off and her slave up against the stripper pole. You need to be punished for what you did. Your wife comes first, Elliott.”

“Yes, Mistress.”


“Place your hands behind the pole, slave. You ruined my evening and need to be punished for it. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress I never should’ve have answered the call from my assistant. I won’t do it again during dinner.”

Laney walked around to place the cuffs on him their clicking noise sounding with finality in the silence of the room. “Stay still while I change out of this dress.” She quickly went into the bedroom and replaced the black dress for a red corset. She put on the black thigh-high boots, grabbed the whip and headed for the living room, the clicking of her stiletto heels heralding her arrival. She gazed down at Elliott’s hard thick dick pressed against his stomach.

“Elliott, your cock is mine to do whatever I want with it right?”

“Yes, Mistress, it’s yours.”

“Earlier I told you we could make love as soon as we got back from dinner; but maybe I should rethink that, now. Maybe make you wait three more days before letting you make love to me. What would you say to that?”

“If that is what Mistress wants.”

“Good answer, slave.”

She grabbed his cock in one hand and squeezed lightly. “Your cock has been hard all day for me hasn’t it slave? Bet it hurts.” Laney squeezed him again.

“Yes, Mistress it hurts.”


She took his cock into her hand once again and her body shuddered with excitement. As she squeezed, she felt his cock throb in response. She felt the tingling sensation all the way down to her pussy. “I’m going to just stand here and admire that beautiful cock some more.”

She stepped back and had a long look. “You’ll tell your assistant tomorrow that your dick belongs to me. Use those exact words, Elliott.” Laney ran the flogger across his cock.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Are you going to be a good slave from now on?” As she spoke her fingers toyed with his balls, gently rolling them in a manner that indicated she could squeeze him at any time. She was about to use the flogger on his cock when the doorbell rang.

“Lane, who the fuck is coming here at this hour? Don’t let them in.”

She considered slapping him for not calling her Mistress, but changed her mind. They never had visitors this late. Laney went to the front door and was surprised to see Mavis standing there, with a cookie jar in her hands.

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