Ultimate Desire by Jodi Olsen (Series 3)

Ultimate_Desire_docErotic author Jodi Olson’s Desire series continues with Volume 3 ULTIMATE DESIRE, two short stories of Male-Male romance with BDSM and fetish overtones. In A Case of Desire Corporate lawyer Lucas submits in their home playroom to his Master and lover Mitch. Playing With Desire finds adult toy store owner Kane impaled on one of his own sex machines by his Master, and store clerk, Carter. It’s hot man-on-man action, spankings and sex toys when both Masters and slaves indulge their Ultimate Desire.

Excerpt 1: A Case of DesireIt was the first night Mitch brought him back to his place; and Lucas was told he wasn’t allowed in the locked room. As soon as Mitch left for a shower, Lucas had to go check it out. Mitch didn’t know Lucas possessed a certain facility with locks, a skill from his Uncle, the locksmith. When he entered the room, it scared and excited him all at the same time. On the far wall he noticed several lengths of rope, several whips, chains, paddles and more. He secretly wanted to get caught so Mitch could punish him.
Lucas padded over to the large table on the right side of the room and sat on the cool leather. The beginning of a smile tipped the corners of his mouth as he imagined what it might be like to be restrained, helpless in this wicked room.
“Slaves who can’t follow orders have to be disciplined,” Mitch’s voice rang out from the doorway. “I told you this room was off limits.”
“I only wanted—”
“Quiet, ” Mitch commanded, “or I’ll gag that pretty little mouth. Strip!”
Mitch ordered the now naked Lucas to lie down and place his arms above his head. Within minutes Mitch had restrained Lucas to the top of the table. Mitch used another set of ropes to tie his knees to a spreader bar, which was then pulled back toward Lucas’ head, lifting and exposing his now-vulnerable ass.
Before Lucas could think, he felt warm slick hands on his hard cock. A hot ache grew in his throat. The warming gel Mitch had applied to his dick made the blood surge from his fingertips to his toes. Mitch seemed to know what Lucas wanted more than he did himself.
The heat of his Master’s tongue stroking back and forth over his anus sent shivers all over Lucas’s body. God, it feels so fucking good. He wanted more, but Mitch withdrew his tongue seconds later and Lucas whimpered.
Lucas waited patiently as Mitch applied the gel to his anus. He wanted Mitch to fuck him fast and hard, bu t it wasn’t up to him. Lucas was only a slave. He didn’t dare ask his Master for sex. First one, then two fingers slid slowly in and out of Lucas. It was a little overwhelming but he didn’t want Mitch to stop. Lucas let a groan slip past his lips as Mitch continued to push his fingers in further with every stroke. He was close and Mitch must have known it because suddenly his Master’s fingers left him again.
Lucas felt the end of Mitch’s cock press against his anus, opening him further. “Oh, fuck!” He’d never wanted anything more than he wanted Master Mitch’s cock in his ass. He pushed back as his Master pushed further into him. The pressure became so intense he didn’t know how much longer he could wait. The burning sensation increased as his sphincter muscles stretched again. Mitch’s shaft entered him inch by inch until he was full. Lucas grunted, the feeling so intense, so earth shattering. He didn’t want his Master to stop.
Mitch filled him t o the hilt, pulling nearly all the way out then pushing back in again several more times.
“Come for me, slave,” Mitch commanded.Excerpt 2: Playing With DesireFor Carter the last three weeks had gone by slowly. The toy store kept him busy, but not enough to keep his mind from running wild with thoughts of all the naughty dominating things he could do to Kane.
Carter rang up the last sale of the night, waited for the customer to leave, and then locked the door. He then turned off most of the lights and went into Kane’s office so he could go over the sales for the day. He was almost done when he heard his lover’s voice. “God, I’ve missed you, Master Carter.”
“I’ve missed you too, Kane, you have no idea how much.” Carter’s lips took Kane’s in an aggressive, demanding kiss. At the same time he undid Kane’s pants and slid his hand inside his submissive’s briefs. He took Kane’s dick into his hand and gave it a hard pul l, then tore his lips away from Kane’s.
“You’re not allowed to come, slave. For three days I’m going to tease, get you hard and then when I see you can’t take anymore, well…too fucking bad. If you come in those three days, you’ll get an extra ten lashes added to the ten you’re already getting for not calling me. Do you understand, slave?”
“Yes, I understand, Master Carter.”
“Good.” Carter rubbed up and down the length of Kane’s cock with full force, then stopped again. When Kane pumped his hips for more of Carter’s rough touch; Carter started up again and tugged a little harder. Just the way Kane liked it, rough and fast.
Carter knew that Kane was close so he let go of his submissive’s cock and took his hand out. “Two days more baby, before you’ll be rewarded with the pleasure of my dick in your mouth.”*****For two days Carter, teased, squeezed and played with Kane’s dick. No matter what Carter did, Kane obeyed his master and didn’t come. When the store closed in a few hours, Carter would tell his submissive what a good slave Kane was. Then he would give him his reward.
In the afternoon a UPS truck stopped in front of the toy store; Kane was expecting The Wilder Slave Driver Machine. He signed for the delivery and after the store closed he started assembling the machines to go on display at the store.
Carter stood watching Kane assembling the Slave Driver Machine. It seemed easy enough, didn’t require special tools of any kind. As soon as Kane was finished setting it up, Carter walked over to the large window and closed the blinds. His slave was ready for his reward. Carter caught Kane looking at him. “Your Master wants you to test out the new machine. Get undressed. Then come back, get down on all fours and I’ll lock you in place, slave.”

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