‘Jenny Hits the Jackpot’ by Lori Gordon


Celebrating his latest success with a trip to Las Vegas, Business Tycoon Tyler Wells is in for the shock of his life. Electrocuted by a slot machine, he finds himself suspended between life and death, facing the man who holds the key between Heaven and Hell. To save his soul, Tyler will be sent on a mission to prevent a woman from taking her own life–a woman he has wronged in the past.

When her husband left her for another woman, Jenny Spencer was heartbroken.

When her employer told her they were closing their doors for good, she was frustrated.

But learning the man she’d fallen in love with is responsible for her employer’s demise leaves Jenny devastated.

Will Tyler see the error of his ways in time to win back the woman he loves? Or will his pride condemn them both?


Looking around once more Tyler saw nothing but dirt, rocks, and the occasional cactus. He was sweating profusely and if this was how the desert felt in the dark, he could only imagine what it would feel like once the sun came up. Still, this could just be a really bad dream. If he were truly dead, would he be able to see the vultures circling overhead or feel the sweat running down his back or…

Damien was shaking his head again.

Resigned to the fact this red-eyed devil seemed to be his only way out of what had to be Hell-on-earth, Tyler sighed. “What do I have to do?”

Damien smiled briefly. “Because you were electrocuted by a slot machine, you are now bound to that machine until such time as you prove yourself worthy of a spot in heaven.”

Tyler frowned and Damien went on to explain that the particular machine Bridgette had been playing when he reached for the ticket was called Hearts of Gold. Among its symbols were heart shaped lockets, diamond engagement rings, and a couple kissing.

Damien told him whenever a misguided female player hit the jackpot—five couples kissing on a single pay line—Tyler would take on the body of the man and step out to help a woman in need.

Un-fucking-believable. Tyler snorted. “I’m supposed to jump out of the slot machine and into the middle some woman’s problem?” How stupid do you think I am?

Not recognizing the sarcasm, Damien smiled hugely. “Exactly!”

Tyler couldn’t—wouldn’t—believe this. Did Damien actually expect him to accept he was dead because he’d been successful in his business life and now he would pay for it by jumping out of a slot machine and straightening out women’s lives? What the hell did he know about solving women’s problems? When a woman he was dating had a problem he simply shrugged them off and found another waiting in the wings. This whole nightmare was growing beyond his comprehension.

He looked at Damien, studied his red eyes glowing in the dark, and asked, “If, as you say, I’ve made such a mess out of my life why would you trust me to straighten out someone else’s? And what sane woman would ever believe I actually came out of a slot machine to help her? I’m pretty sure I’d be arrested for harassment before being dragged off in a straight jacket.”

Damien just stood there in the hot, dark, desert laughing at him.

Slapping at a giant bug Tyler grumbled, “I fail to see the humor here.”

Damien put his arm around Tyler’s shoulder and in the blink of an eye they were standing in the middle of Circus-Circus.

A chill shot through Tyler as he adjusted from the heat of the desert to the air-conditioned building.

Wondering—now that he was supposed to be dead—if anyone could see him Tyler grabbed a drink off the tray of a passing cocktail waitress. She never missed a step.

“Thanks.” Damien snagged the glass and drank it down. “I’d forgotten how hot it gets out there.” When another waitress passed Damien grabbed two more drinks. Pressing one into Tyler’s hand he said, “It doesn’t matter if the woman believes you or not. There’s always a plan in place. All you have to do is follow the instructions given to you at the beginning of each assignment.”

“Just how many assignments do I have to complete before I’m free?”

“That’s not for me to answer. But I will tell you this. Break the rules, even once, and the deals off.”

“Great,” Tyler murmured. “Just fucking great.”

Jenny Hits the Jackpot

By: Lori Gordon | Other books by Lori Gordon
Published By: Rebel Ink Press LLC
Published: Oct 17, 2012
ISBN # RIP0001614



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