In Love and War by Tara Mills

Cover-In Love and War (1)As a writer, the question I hear most often is, “Where do you get your ideas?”  Sometimes there isn’t an easy answer.  That’s not the case with In Love and War. I started paying attention to the gritty side of covering conflicts when the US went into Bosnia, but when Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl, was kidnapped and executed by members of al-Qaeda while on assignment, I was truly shaken.  Journalism is a calling; often thankless, certainly difficult, not to mention traumatic and heart wrenching. Yet brave men and women are driven to answer that call and keep the world informed, even when it puts them in danger.

That’s how Dylan Bond stepped into my consciousness.  He’s a hero with a noble heart and an unwavering sense of justice — a truly compassionate individual.  Who wouldn’t love a man like that?

Meet Ariela Perrine. With a past like hers, it’s understandable that she’d try to resist him.  Heroic risk-takers are on her untouchables list; underlined, and in bold.  But she’s not as immune to Dylan’s charms as she’d like to be. Internal and external conflicts arise and threaten the peace they find together.

In the end, they both need to come to terms with who they are and what they expect from one another. Compromise is key if their relationship is going to work. It isn’t easy, but it might be worth the risk.

Ariela Perrine refuses to consider a certain type of man.  She watched how loving a self-sacrificing hero destroyed her mother and left her orphaned at a young age so yes, she does tend to go out with lackluster men with predictable results.  But she’s safe.  And bored, at least until an accident brings the interior decorator face to face with an unforgettable pair of blue eyes, a playful smile, and his overly affectionate dog.Oh yeah, journalist Dylan Bond makes her sizzle but dare she risk it?  After all, he’s just returned from Iraq – a war zone for crying out loud.  With his assurance that he’s back to covering domestic stories, her fears are allayed and their relationship hits the tarmac at a dizzying speed.  But then an unexpected phone call lures Dylan back into danger for one final, coveted assignment and he falls off everyone’s radar outside the green zone.  Sensing something’s gone desperately wrong, Ariela’s ready to make a deal with the devil to find him and get him back safe.  As she searches for the man she loves, Ariela discovers that she’s far more resilient than she realized, but will it be enough to preserve her as the days of fear and panic stretch on?
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