Spring Recruit by Samantha Pleasant

SpringRecruit_Cover (1)blurb

For offensive lineman Daniel Jefferson, spring ball was enough of a hassle, but setting the stage for recruitment with some of the top high school juniors before they were swamped in the fall had been Arista University’s way of staying ahead of the curve. His charm and quiet command of situations had caused the coach to tap him to be a tour guide for a few years as he convinced nervous parents that their son’s could turn out as successful as he had.Lauren Turner was anxious about returning to her alma mater, but when they asked her son to come for a visit he was so excited to check out the campus and work out with a college level program she couldn’t refuse the visit. As memories of her time on campus overwhelm her, the tour guide Daniel only brought back the desire she always found for the strong protective men that played the line.When Daniel saw young looking Lauren, the last thing on his mind was their age difference.  She didn’t fear the massive lineman and with a brush of the back of their hands, they both felt the electrical charge.  But how could a woman old enough to be his mother ever see him as anything but a child?

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