Depression, is it real or “all in your head?”

There are times when we all feel depressed. A death of a family member or a beloved pet. But what about for no apparent reason? A chemical imbalance in the brain could be the problem. So many people feel crappy and think if they wait a while maybe these feelings will go away. But what if they don’t? Fatigue, loss of appetite, loss of interest in things that used to mean something. Panic attacks are the worst. Heart pounding, feeling hot and cold at the same time. All these symptoms could be related to depression. But there is help out there. 

Drug therapy and/or talking to someone helps. Half the battle is admitting that there is a problem. I think because it involves the emotional and mental part of our make-up that some may feel ashamed to admit that there is a problem. So what? If taking a pill everyday puts you back on track then why not go for it? Life’s too short to worry about what others think.

In, ‘A Heart’s Endeavor’, my heroine’s husband had ridiculed her because she was diagnosed with clinical depression. Melanie had taken his verbal abuse to heart and blamed herself. She hated the fact that she needed to take a ‘happy pill’ everyday for the rest of her life. All it took was for her to accept the fact that she had depression and that the medication was meant to help her not drag her backward. Support from family and friends can do wonders. My hero is a state trooper. Jack Horan has seen all kinds of people at their worst and, as far as he’s concerned, Melanie’s handling herself just fine.

Sometimes a kind word or praise can make a difference.

I don’t know how well I handled the subject of depression in my story, but I do know firsthand that comments such as, “snap out of it”or “it’s all in your head,” do not help a person suffering with depression.  We all have problems. Let’s try to be kind to one another:) I’ll start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


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