Snippet from ‘A Heart’s Endeavor’

“I was afraid I’d have to discipline you.”
Mel swung around and planted her fists on her hips. “Really, Jack. This talk about spanking me is getting old.” Who was she kidding? The urge to lie across his hard thighs and let him do whatever he wanted was overwhelming.
“I like your temper,” he said.
That comment threw her for a loop. “You do?” Mel set two cups of coffee on the table and handed him the milk. She lowered herself into the chair next to him and reached for the sugar bowl.
Jack refused her offer of the sweetener and leaned closer. She was conscious of the heat radiating from his body. “You bet. Didn’t your husband ever fire you up on purpose just so he could spank you when you lost your temper?”
Mel had taken a sip of coffee and nearly choked. “Excuse me?” She grabbed a napkin from the wooden rooster-shaped napkin holder on the table and slapped it to her mouth. Mike may have fired her up, but he hadn’t spanked her. He’d look at her in disgust and tell her to take a chill pill. Mel learned quickly to hide her emotions so she wouldn’t have to listen to his lectures. “No,” she replied once her coffee had settled in her stomach. “Mike hated when I showed any sign of a temper, but in all our years of marriage, he never spanked me. I’m not a child, after all.”

Jack leaned back in his chair and stretched his legs. “Some women enjoy a spanking. A spanking can be highly erotic for a woman if done properly.” He shifted forward once again. “I would so much like to show you, Melanie Manning.”
Mel’s heart skipped a beat. Hell, it skipped two. Now what?

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