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Gom3_CoverHolidayHop_ButtonGlimpses of Midnight: Obsession (book3)

By: JL Oiler

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press

Cover: Carl Franklin


Tired of spending her days locked in the massive library of the underworld with her father, Talia found a way to slip out of South Hedonism and into the seedy strip district of the human world. Though the labyrinth is a very dangerous place, it was the only means of escaping the city without drawing unwanted attention. However, a desire to protect her father from the wrath of Lord Cyrus caused talia to make a move that could jeopardize her newfound freedom. Now the city’s dark assassin and her secret heartthrob has showed up wanting answers. Answers someone has no intention letting Talia reveal.

Fallon has his share of sexual partners but he has a gnawing need for something a bit more personal. One look at the sexy dragon shifter, Talia, has all his senses standing at attention. She has information he needs and extracting it from Talia may be just what he craves to satisfy his desires, including the pleasure of sharing her charms. When her life is placed in jeopardy, Fallon must decide if she’s worth risking everything.

In a world where darkness and desire is a way of life, a little obsession can be dangerous.

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